The Third Reich and Extraterrestials

by on January 9th, 2011
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The Vril Society was greatly associated with Hitler’s early group, the Thule Society. The Vril Society was a group of female mediums who would contact other beings from worlds within our immediate universe. The leader of this society, Maria Orsic, was in communication with creatures from a star in the constellation Taurus. While in a trance, the creatures, using Maria as a vessel, transcribed information on how to create a flying machine; all of which was written in Sumerian, an old Babylonian language. This sensitive information was held with reverence by Hitler’s National Socialist Party. (

In 1936, near the black forest of Freiburg, an apparent spacecraft crashed and was quickly confiscated by Hitler’s empire. From that moment on, the third Reich began producing saucer-like ships, many of them proving to be more than equip to sustain flight. (

After the crashing and reverse engineering of an extraterrestrial craft, the Germans soon started designing technologies which were far more advanced than the Americans or Russians. They created the first jet-airplane, the first seeking missiles, and first stealth bombers. (

The S.S. had top scientists working on an obscure machine called Die Glock. Die Glock was a ten foot bell-shapped mechanism that had two cylinders rotating inside its shell, and whenever it was in use, the machine would give off strange colors and high amounts of radiation. The true reason for this creation is still vague, but it is highly theorized that when enough energy is pushed into a torsion system, the outcome can be the manipulation of space and time. (

It is abundantly obvious, strange incidences were taking place before and during WWII, and that Hitler’s corrupted empire had many secrets. In the end, even as their technology was far more supreme, Hitler and his army could not win a war on two fronts; an inevitable defeat destroyed a radical dictator’s dream of an empire that would last a thousand years.

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