The Swans Save the World

by on January 15th, 2011
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Once upon a time there were human beings living on this planet of land and water. Unfortunately there was an evil presence that was killing off all of the human beings with hate and dishonesty. The humans had to find a way to survive.

In this land there was this extremely intelligent man named Silas and he had come up with a formula that turned human beings into gorgeous elegant Swans. All the humans had to do was to drink the potion and they would become Swans and then and only then would the world have the possibility of surviving. The word spread about the formula Silas had created with his helpers the Core 4 and more and more humans wanted to drink the formula and become a Swan so they could survive.

You see the evil entity wanted to kill everything that was good, trustworthy, loving and loyal in the world. Without loyalty, trust, good and love, the world could not survive and the evil entity knew this. This evil entity planted seeds of doubt into the human’s minds. Then the evil entity tried to turn the humans against each other trying to use the old divide and conquer method. That didn’t work and more and more humans drank of the Swan potion that turned them into beautiful Swans and once they were Swans, they could not be hurt by the evil entity.

The harder evil worked the more humans turned to the Swan potion for salvation and everyday the Swan society grew and grew until one day there was nothing left but beautiful Swans.

The Swans Take Charge

The Swans swam out of the lakes and oceans, ponds and rivers and headed into the big city where the evil entity lived and surrounded the skyscraper building that housed all that evil. The Swans were prepared to surround the building for days, weeks or years if that is what it took to keep the evil in where it could not hurt anybody any longer.

Days passed into weeks and weeks into months but the Swans held steadfast to their beliefs. Finally after almost one year when the evil entity had run out of food and supplies it had no choice but to try and leave the building for survival. The Swans were not going to let the evil entity out. The only way evil would be allowed out of the building was if it drank of the potion and became a beautiful Swan and followed the belief of the Swans. That is the only way evil could survive.

The evil entity though long and hard about this and reluctantly drank of the potion as evil feared the alternative more than life as a Swan. As soon as evil drank of the potion evil could not believe the things it had done. Evil was now seeing everything in a different light. The light of good, love, trust, loyalty surrounded the new Swan and with that the new Swan begged forgiveness and vowed to never try and take away all that is good, loyal, trustworthy and loved again. With the promise that all would be returned to it’s previous state prior to the evil entity taking over, all the Swans turned back into humans again and they all lived, well, you know the rest?

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