The Scariest Trick or Treat

by on February 5th, 2011
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The last of October, it’s Halloween day,

Or “trick or treat,” as some like to say.

Dressed in capes, gowns, and hoodies,

In search of toys, candy, and goodies.

Some will be out to frighten and to scare,

“Trick or Treat,” perhaps a trick on a dare.

Three words will be scarier, please take them to heart,

“Away from me,” You won’t want to hear, or “depart!”

“Over 2000 years ago, My Son, Jesus, I did send,

To die on the cross, the price for all sin.”

Some rejected the message, their will to obey.

The day will come, and the debt they will pay.

They’ve been tricked by the evil one all through life,

The penalty- eternal damnation and everlasting strife.

Choose life, through the cross of Christ–the only way,

And begin your life over, start over today.




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