The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season 4 – Episode 3

by on September 1st, 2010
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The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Shower the Baby, Muzzle the Boy episode began with the demolishment and breaking ground of Sheree’s long awaited future dream home. Once complete, the 8,000 ft. “Chateau Sheree” would be home to a skating rink/ ballroom, gym, library, theater and lounge with DJ. Phaedra and Apollo shared a slightly heated discussion about Apollo’s brush with the law which turned out to be a case of mistaken identity however throughout the discussion; Apollo could not seem to mask his frustration with having to consistently defend his past. Cynthia, Leon (Cynthia’s ex), and Peter shared an interesting moment when the undeniably handsome Leon stopped by for a visit. Leon tried to offer Peter (man -to-man) advice in regards to Cynthia’s family involvement and dealing with conflict issues. Peter did not seem to pleased with the advice and simply stated “If it don’t work, than it don’t work”. NeNe has an intimate talk with Brent (her youngest son) about adjustments to the separation and his feelings about the whole (two household) visits. Gregg and NeNe share an awkward moment when he arrived to pick up Brent and he seemed to remain cordial with NeNe but both were curious about “who’s dating who.”


Peter is planning on going back into the bar/lounge business with Cynthia’s consent. The bar will be named Bar One. Kandi and Phaedra shared an interesting conversation while shopping for Kim’s baby shower gift. Phaedra declined to talk about Apollo’s altercation with the law however offered up a few verbal blows at Peter; calling him “Papa Smurf” and “Uncle Ben” which got a few laughs. The red carpet was rolled out for Kim’s baby shower. The venue was truly stunning, elegant and beautiful with modern décor however resembled more of a wedding reception than a baby shower. My favorite part was Kim’s oldest daughter who gave a congratulation speech which was very heartfelt and sincere welcoming Kroy into their lives. Arriving at Kim’s baby shower fashionably five hours late , Peter and Cynthia made their way to the table where Kandi, Lawrence, Phaedra and Apollo where seated. You could feel the tension as they sat and begin to make small talk. More than sparks started to fly when Peter overstepped his boundaries by bringing up a few opinions he stated in an Uptown magazine article about Phaedra and Sheree. Immediately Apollo was not having it and stood his ground representing his family. It was a little tense where you wondered if Apollo was going to start to throw a few blows and knock Peter out but was quickly diffused once the police arrived. Peter was definitely out of line.

From a Fashion Perspective:

The ladies of Atlanta never disappoint with their sexy styles and signature fashions. Phaedra topped this episode with a couple of fierce fashions. She started off the show with a casual hot pink “Mrs. Nida” loungewear with “His” embroidered on the bottoms – too cute and comfy. Later in show, Phaedra stepped out in professional well put together form fitting black and white color block dress accessorized with a red hot Chanel handbag while shopping with Kandi.

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