The Christmas Season is Over, a New Year to Face

by on March 7th, 2015
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Christmas Season is over, gifts have been unwrapped,
relatives have long been gone, only memories to reflect.
Loneliness lingers in the house, causes feelings of unrest;
will the New Year bring happiness or challenges to test?
Don’t know what tomorrows will bring, must wait and see,
I try not to concentrate on the days, fearing what it’ll be.

It is sad how people worry about things they don’t control,
must take each day as it comes or end up like a silly soul.
Life has ups and downs regardless of what comes our way,
I take a moment to be thankful, and I have God each and every day.
There’s a peaceful feeling when I know He’s by my side
as I accept trials, tribulations, and live happy and with pride.

Don’t forget we can travel in a road of darkness, light, and strife,
it isn’t easy when we have no-one to lead us in our daily lives.
If there’s someone to walk with us, life can be easy and free,
it opens up a ray of hope we’ll be able to follow and let lead.
I’ve never known a person without struggles, aches, and pains,
it’s like a small child whose been left out in a cold rain.

A child shuts it out, forgets about those hurts and the pains,
and keeps smiling and offering love regardless of their shame.
I plan to keep walking in a path familiar only by me,
letting God guide me like He has and being happy and pleased.
If you fear the New Year and worry about what life will be,
open up your heart and soul and wait for what life brings.

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