The Boys Head to Atlantic City on ‘Castle,’ Leaving Beckett with Captain Gates

by on February 8th, 2011
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The gang at the “Castle” precinct is splitting up in the Nov. 7 episode “Heartbreak Hotel.” What does this mean for the group? Well, it means that Beckett gets to spend quality time with the new captain, and the boys get to party. Doesn’t really seem fair, but it’s bound to be fun and enlightening.

“Heartbreak Hotel” is in Atlantic City. The episode revolves around the murder of a casino owner. After finding his body in a New York City warehouse, the gang splits up to investigate. Beckett remains in New York with Captain Victoria Gates to follow any leads in the city. Castle, Esposito and Ryan follow leads to Atlantic City, and Castle decides it is the perfect opportunity to throw Ryan a bachelor party. This episode will not only bring in some fun and laughter, of course, but also give fans a closer look at Captain Gates.

Fans get to see how Captain Gates is as a cop and not a boss. With Ryan and Esposito not around to dig up clues, and Castle not around to make up crazy theories, Beckett has to rely on the never smiling Captain Gates for help. Since the beginning of the season, Gates has only popped up in a few scenes with some stone-faced comments or raised eyebrows. Fans know she is hard and set in her ways. She wants things done her way.

Captain Gates as cop shows viewers how she got to the top. Viewers get to see how Gates reached the top to become a captain. She didn’t do it by sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen. She solved cases. She caught the baddies. Now, Beckett and “Castle” fans will get to see how she works. It will be the first real look at Gates as a cop, and maybe even a little look at her as a person.

Beckett will have a chance to decide if she likes or dislikes Captain Gates. Up until now, Gates has always been in the office and only provides a few curt words here and there. There has been little opportunity to spend time with her. Both Beckett and “Castle” fans will finally get that chance. It is easy to image that by the end of the episode, Beckett will have new respect for her captain, but it is hard to tell if she will hate Gates or actually like her.

The boys head to Atlantic City where a drunken time is bound to ensue. In between interviewing witnesses and finding the killer, Ryan, Esposito and Castle will gamble and party. Castle won’t let it happen any other way. They won’t party before work is done, because for Ryan and Esposito, work is life. They would never do something to hurt Beckett, like get drunk and let the bad guy slip away. But, at the end of the day, they won’t say no to Castle’s party, and then the fun begins.

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