The Benefits of CLA in Sports Nutrition

by on March 9th, 2015
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There are many benefits of CLA, also known as conjugated linoleic acid, in terms of sports nutrition. This is because of the continued research that has been done to help many individuals manage their weight. It has been proven that CLA will not only help control weight, it can also improve overall body composition. There have been many cases where people have reported decreasing fat levels with increasing muscle content because of this linoleic acid.

Origins of CLA

There have been a few old wives’ tales about the origins of CLA and one includes the legend of an overweight person who discovered it. But the fact is that the discovery of its’ valuable benefit was contributed by a study in 1979. This acid was originally given to lab rats to make an attempt to reduce the size of tumors. Instead, a revelation was made as to its’ secret effects. Researchers eventually learned that CLA can help humans and not with anything related to tumors.

Benefits in Sports Nutrition

In the context of sports nutrition, many athletes and weightlifters use CLA to help manage their weight. In addition, they most beneficial effect of this acid is that the body will burn fat faster and build muscle just as quickly. Especially for those who are severely overweight, exercising while increasing muscle content is almost impossible.

Many individuals discover that they have to burn off the excess fat before they can work on building strength. This not only takes a long period of time but it also involves much more work. For athletes, CLA is the preferred choice because there are minimal side effects and the benefits are evident. The unique feature about this acid is that it consists of natural acids that collaborate well with the body instead of fighting against it.

Certainly, this helpful tool does not work on its own so other requirements like proper diet and stretching are also important. Conjugated linoleic acid is natural and found in foods like grass-fed meats, but the amount you would have to consume would make you gain weight faster than accumulating the acid. But the other benefits like having more energy, stamina, and overall flexibility are the obvious perks of CLA and this is why so many athletes choose it.

How CLA Works

There is no exact method to which CLA works but research and results of use definitely coincide with the fact that insulin sensitivity is the likely factor of its benefits. Basically, conjugated linoleic acid works on a cellular level to manipulate the body’s mechanism. In essence, CLA changes the path of glucose and fatty acids. Instead of directing them to fatty storage which your body would usually do, this acid diverts them to muscle membranes and decreases the number of fat cells piling up.

Without any knowledge of the scientific explanation of how this acid works so well, most people only know that there is less fat accumulation on their bodies and a noticeable growth of muscle. In fact, a majority of athletes do not know the exact science behind CLA but they are aware of its benefits as the best form of sports nutrition.

Whether you are a long time athlete or are just getting on track with losing weight and building muscle, CLA can be beneficial for you as helpful sports nutrition with minimal side effects. Find more information and visit MyReviewsNow.Net

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