Tech Gadgets No One Should Travel Without

by on January 21st, 2011
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Digital and satellite technology has not only changed the way we communicate, but also affected the way we travel. For now, it is possible to communicate directly with any hotel, inn, hostel, museum, theater or restaurant at almost any stage of your adventure. The overall result creates a much more flexible itinerary and daily schedule that can be changed with just a few clicks of a button. Even third world countries are not exempt from the modern marvels that have so much become a part of our daily lives.

However, not all recent innovations in travel technology involve contemporary inventions. In fact, there is one very popular traveler’s aid that uses a technological adaption that is thousands of years old. It’s called the wheel, as the common device dates back at least 5,000 years. Until recently, wheels have been employed everywhere except luggage. They even accompanied man on first voyage to the moon. Nonetheless, over the last decade or so, suitcase and backpack manufacturers have discovered that attaching small round objects to the bottom side of a traveler’s bag, makes it easier to tote across large expanses of open floor.

The result has been astounding. Not only does the general public rely heavily on these wheeled transports for getting through airports, bus terminals and city streets, but also office workers have even come around to using this handy item to roll their briefcases to work. So take some advice from the ancients and make sure your luggage is mobile.

Digital cameras are another item, which no traveler should leave home without. Unless you are a professional photographer, you can the film camera and all its accessories at home and just bring along a lightweight point-and-shoot digital camera, which can be used to capture the sights and sounds of your voyage. Most contemporary cameras of this sort can also record short video segments. Still, you should not let your journey turn into a photo shoot. Leave that for the pros.

Next on the list is a cell phone. Perhaps nowhere is the technology is changing so fast than with this handheld communication device. For nowadays, besides allowing two people to talk to each other, these devices will also allow the users to send text messages and images. You can also connect to the web with most modern cell phones. One thing to remember is that when traveling in foreign countries; make sure your cell phone can accept the SIM cards that make international communication from outside the US possible. It is important to note that not all cell phones accept these cards.

Another small item that I find nearly indispensible is the lightweight, compact alarm clock. Especially designed to take up as little room as possible, these battery powered timekeeping items will wake up all except the deepest sleepers. Some travelers may get by with using the cell phone as a wake-up device, but I need the loud buzz of a virtual clock, so I won’t miss my early morning connections.

In general, laptops tend to be a bit pricey and bulky to carry along when you leave home for an extended amount of time. Fortunately, there are netbooks. These are really scaled down laptops that still have wifi connection, functional keyboards and a decent sized keyboard. What they do lack is a CD drive, large amounts of storage, a big price tag and extra pounds. This might be the perfect companion for bloggers and writers on their trip away from home.

So now that you have perused through my two cents worth, please have a safe, fun and rewarding journey. And always remember that a positive attitude and alert mind are still the most important things to bring along on your sojourn away from home.

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