Tea at Airport

by on March 7th, 2015
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Gokul, a degree holder in advanced science, had a penchant for traveling. In his professional life in an institution practicing frontier science and technology in south Asia, Gokul had visited countries in the American and European continents. A lover of nature and a keen observer of different cultures, Gokul developed a desire for seeing more of the world whenever the opportunities presented themselves. Though not his mother tongue, he had cultivated a deep appreciation of English literature and flowered into a free lance writer in that language.

After retiring from active service, Gokul crossed the sea twice from his home in south Asia, once into the European continent and then into the Australian continent, both times taking his better half also with him.

The Australian visit fascinated him. The vegetation was vastly different from what he had seen in the other parts of the world. The fauna was equally distinct. His base camp in Australia was in Perth. As he did not want to miss visiting Sydney, the biggest city in Australia, and as his stay in the country was for a very limited period, he flew from the west to the east of Australia to arrive at Sydney. He found Sydney a likeable city. It had the hurry and bustle of any big city. But except for the heavy traffic especially during the rush hours, the city had an atmosphere that was relatively calm. The streets were attractive and welcoming one like Gokul, who loved to stroll, to walk along them.

After a few days of hectic sight seeing, Gokkul and his wife were ready to return to Perth.

Their flight was early at night. They went to the Sydney airport well in time to catch their return flight. After having complied with all the traffic formalities, they were waiting at the lounge at the departure gates to board their aircraft which was to take off at 2030 hours (8.30 pm).

There was a coffee counter a the lounge where the they were waiting. Gokul’s wife wanted a cup of coffee. Gokul went to the coffee counter to get one. A display board there listed the types of coffee available. Gokul chose the one he wanted and asked for it to the lady behind the counter. Gokul could do with a cup of tea. As there was no listing of the kinds of the types of tea sold there, Gokul told the sales lady that he would like to have a cup of light tea with milk and sugar.

She promptly put a tea bag in a paper cup and poured hot water.

“English breakfast” (?), she said. The question mark in parenthesis indicates the instant impression on Gokul.

” No, Madam, not at this time of the night.”, said Gokul

She burst out laughing in a pleasant way and explained, “‘English Breakfast’ is the brand name of the tea I am giving you”

It was now his turn to laugh. He returned to his wife with the cups of coffee and tea after enjoying this lighter moment.

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