Son’s of Anarchy

by on September 24th, 2010
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With heaviness in my heart I have to say I hate to see the Son’s of Anarchy end for the year, it happens every year and yet we seem surprised. This season has shown us so much in what makes SAMCRO tick, and what little secrets have been hidden for so long.This week so much has happened that I better get down to the business at hand. The episode opened up to Opie going to Clay and Gemma’s house, perhaps he knew Clay was not there, possibly he was just there to see Gemma as advised by Unser. At any rate he didn’t exactly get the answer he was looking for although he knew what it was.

SAMCRO met with the Irish and Jax was late, prompting a little discussion on how they don’t want to deal with the Cartel knowing they had something to do with Tara’s little accident and also blaming the MC for how things went badly with the mexicans. They did actually set a meeting for the next day with some persuasion from Clay. Once Juice heard them set the time and they parted ways he went into the bathroom and texted Lincoln the information so they could go ahead with their RICO sting operation in which he would request the local police to be there since it was set for the Indian Reservation. Lincoln actually interrupted a meeting that Mayor Hale had with the sherriff as he was getting details on the housing development.

During the hustle and bustle of their dealings apparently Otto called Bobby wanting to see him. We all knew what he wanted to visit with Bobby about, Bobby on the other hand was absolutely clueless. That all changed as soon as he entered the prison to see his old friend, with all the waiting and empty rooms Bobby should have been a little more suspicious. Potter had been able to complete all the requirements Otto had given him for his sworn statement and future testimony in trial and the only thing left to do was for Otto to tell Bobby that he had ratted him out to the feds. Finally Otto arrived and with him was a notepad with a list of crimes and time he has left due to all of his activities with the club. He made Bobby read it aloud and he began to but only got through the first few. When he began to question why he was reading it and that is when he was informed that he just got thrown under the proverbial bus. They took him into custody, and they placed him in a cell next to Juice. Apparently he is being held for his protection.

Jax, Chibbs, Tigg, and Happy headed to a house to be muscle in a deal they had going somewhere else. When he gets there he finds out that it is a house in which runs a black market baby selling business. Being the fact that Jax had to rescue his son Abel from a similar fate he was infuriated and ended up roughing up a couple of the other guys. Clay tried to smooth things over between Jax and their Irish contact, once he explained about Abel he told Clay that he needed to keep Jax out of things because he has to many problems to deal with anything rationally.

Jax had been at the hospital visiting Tara and asked her what happened to her hand. She explained to him that Wendy had come to see her and wanted to get to know Abel as she was still his mother although she had given up her parental rights to him. He promised that he would take care of the problem with Wendy and she would not be allowed to see Abel, he promised. Gemma too had gone to see Tara and she had seen Jax in the hallway.She had asked him if Opie had caught up with him yet and Jax told her that he had gone up to the cabin to bring Piney home. Jax did go to see Wendy and things went as well as could be expected. He wanted to know why she was back in town and made it clear that she would not be allowed back in Abel’s life because she had no idea what Tara had done for their son, and that he would be leaving.

Once night started to fall Opie went to the crematorium to watch his father’s body be cremated, Jax made it there and wanted to know who was responsible. Opie wasn’t too quick to answer, and just explained that he was called because he knew Piney would want him there. Unser was there too but only stayed a short time and hung around outside possibly because he knew that Opie would confront Jax about Clay shooting Piney. After a few harsh words, Opie shot Jax’s tire and took off in pursuit of Clay at the clubhouse. Jax had no other option but to take the hearse and chase after Opie to save Clay’s life, he made it clear that he was not going to make it a club issue as he knew of Jax’s soon coming departure. Jax wrecked the hearse and ultimately took a bullett bike from an unsuspecting man in traffic. He arrives at the club house right behind Opie and finds him with his gun pointed at Clay, and he warns him not to shoot because he doesn’t want to have to kill him. Ultimately Opie does open fire on Clay and shoots him 2 times in the stomach. We have no idea if he made it through but it will be interesting to find out. Tune in next Tuesday for the first part of a two part season finale.

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