Sebastopol Skategarden, a Wonderful California Skatepark

by on March 7th, 2015
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The Sebastopol Skatepark is located on laguna parkway in Sebastopol, CA. It is a new park, having only been built three or four years ago by Concrete Disciples Skate Co. I love this park because the concrete is super smooth and easy to ride on, also the terrain offered is great for any skill level, weather your just floating over the island or shredding the peanut bowl or eurogap. Also, the Skatepark is really close to the movie theatre, whats better than skating all day then going to see a comedy?

Sebastopol Skatepark offers a wide variety of terrain, at the front of the park there is a minibowl with a drop in the middle, in the middle of the park there is an island with a quarter pipe leading into it and a rainbow rail going across it, towards the back of the park there is a rocket bowl that has an overhang and a section of 12ft vert. At the very back of the park is a peanut bowl with pool copping, half the bowl is 12ft deep and the other half is 6ft. Rails and boxes are also skattered all around the park

The Sebastopol community has worked hard to keep the Skatepark clean and friendly. There is a graffiti wall, where writers can spray all day long without having to worry about the cops, and the pieces they create aren’t tags but actual works of art. Also, there is a community garden at the back of the Park where anyone can buy a plot for $20 dollars, with a $25 dollar security deposit. Overall the Skatepark has a friendly atmosphere, with parents harvesting vegetables or sitting at the picknick tables while the kids skate.

Things to know about the park: BMX biking is not allowed at any time, Helmets are required on anyone who is using the park (this rule is heavily enforced as the police station is only a few hundred feet from the park), If any graffiti appears away from the designated graffiti wall that park will be closed for three days or until the graffiti is cleaned up.

Hours of operation: 8am till Sunset

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