Ron Paul’s Presidential Bid in Jeopardy Because of Racial Comments

by on November 4th, 2010
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Ron Paul’s campaign to become the Republican candidate for president is now in jeopardy because of comments he has allegedly made in a series of newsletters.

Up to this point, I have liked the man because of his views on war and drugs. As far as I’m concerned, he really believes in small government, unlike some of his fellow candidates. But if what he said in some of his newsletters was actually him saying it; and I say actually because he has recently disclaimed having wrote them; then my favorable view of him has changed.

Being a white male who has grown up around rednecks and mostly conservatives all my life, I will tell you that what a person says in public and what they say when they don’t think anyone who cares is listening, can be two entirely different things. I’ve sat around and heard racial jokes and then seen the same very people, when meeting someone of a different race, completely do a 180 and act as though they’re as colorblind as our supposedly lady justice herself.

So, I don’t find it unusual to find someone who says they’re not prejudice and yet when they’re around some of their good ole buddies, all kinds of racial epithets can spew from their lips.

If I was Ron Paul, or at least if I had been Ron Paul before he denied the accusations, I would have nipped it in the bud quickly by confessing my past racism but then claimed enlightenment. He wouldn’t be the first person who had once been a racist but after becoming friends with a few people who are of a different race, realizing that they’re people just like them.

Unfortunately, Ron chose the way of denial and by doing so, has sealed his fate. He now has no chance to win the presidency as far as I’m concerned. He could still win the nomination if the cards fell in his favor but even that is unlikely. Sure, there’s a lot of racism within the Republican Party but there is still a lot of level-headed people who would not vote for anyone who smacks of prejudice. Most intelligent Republicans also know that independents, whom they must win over in huge numbers, would mostly not vote for a known racist.

I now understand how Rand Paul came to be who he is; this was something I was a little confused about before. Rand Paul has said things, or in some instances; not said things, that have led me to believe that he is a racist. Obviously, if the information that is coming forth concerning his father, then the old saying about “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, proves to be true once again.

One thing I do know, unless Ron Paul stands up and speaks clearly and with humility of his current views, and somehow convinces the American people that he is not a racist, then he might as well save himself the trouble and hang up his campaign hat for the last time, not only for president but also for his current seat in the House of Representatives. Surely, when his current term is up for his seat, many of his constituents are going to hesitate before voting for him again.

That’s real unfortunate and sad, because racism only shows ignorance, and even though there are currently a lot of bigots in our government, most of them know better than revealing it to the public. Maybe the day will come that this country and even this world will finally overcome racism but it hasn’t happened yet.

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