Review: Kellogg’s Chocolate Frosted Flakes

by on July 25th, 2010
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When my wife was out shopping a couple days ago, she ended up picking up some things for breakfast for the family and, while she was in the cereal aisle of the store, she noticed something a bit different; Chocolate Frosted Flakes from the Kellogg’s brand.

My wife didn’t really intend on buying breakfast cereal (we already had some, she was in that aisle for something else) but this looked different enough and was affordable enough for her to bring a box of it home with her. We didn’t get a chance to try it at first. But, we each had a bowl of it this morning and I have to admit, it’s a pretty decent tasting product.

As you can guess from the description, this is basically a box of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes (the kind that has Tony the Tiger on the box). Except, instead of being just covered in sugar, the flakes also have a layer of chocolate on them.

At first, I was a bit concerned these would end up being a bit too sweet (a lot of chocolate covered cereals are). But, that was not the case. The flakes had just the right amount of sweetness; enough to make them enjoyable to eat without being way too sweet for something early in the morning.

Also, just like regular Frosted Flakes, these proved to be a filling breakfast. I’m not normally satisfied in the morning with just a bowl of cereal and normally need something else to go with it. But, this was a pretty filling breakfast just by itself.

My only complaint about this cereal is, while it was good, it also wasn’t anything special. The chocolate flavoring made it taste different than regular Frosted Flakes. But, in return, the cereal tasted a whole lot like many other cereals that are out there. It had a different (flake-like) shape to it. However, when it came to flavor, it tasted just like Cocoa Pebbles or something similar to that.

Overall though, I thought this was a good breakfast option. I’m not sure if this is a permanent thing or something that is just being offered for a while. But, because they were such a good price, I would have no problem buying this cereal again. If you haven’t had a chance to try this cereal, I recommend picking up a box of it the next time you do breakfast shopping.

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