Puss in Boots Pumpkin Carving Patterns for Halloween

by on March 7th, 2015
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Puss ‘n Boots is the adventurous cat who charmed audiences in Shrek and now is the star of his own Dreamworks feature film. Actor Antonio Banderas supplies the voice for the character in the movies.

Free: Free and printable carving pattern of the cat Puss in Boots with a mustache, hat, cape, and sword in fencing stance.

Puss N Boots: This is a challenging stencil of the sword-fighting cat holding the brim of his hat. It costs $3.95 to print. They email theirs to you after you pay.

Puss n Boots: This is a familiar image of the cat from the movie Shrek making his pathetic face with the “puppy dog” eyes. It costs one credit to print. But you have to buy three credits at a price of three dollars.

Other Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Sentinel: A Sentinel is a robot that hunts down mutants in the X-Men comics. Two dollar membership fee has to be paid before anything can be printed.

Solomon Grundy: Solomon Grundy is a zombie villain.

Will Schuester: Will Schuester is one of the teachers in the Fox TV show Glee.

Cat: This Halloween stencil is of a cat hissing and it is free to print out.

Elmo 2: This is an image of Elmo from Sesame Street sitting down.

T-Rex: A T-Rex dinosaur breaking through a surface. This is free to print out.

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