Polite Women

by on November 8th, 2010
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There seems to be some confusion among men about polite women. These are charismatic, laid back, easy to talk to women that always put on a smile and can make you feel like a million bucks that obviously do not want you. Men are confused about these type of women because of how they perceive such behavior. One has to look at the fact that cultured women have been groomed to be this way over time. Another mistake that men can make is that cultured women are necessarily women of means, but that is for another article. Polite, nice, easy going women, are this way with you, and for the most part, this way with everyone.

This is the non-confrontational, curiously passive-aggressive woman that smiles at everybody. She isn’t loud, she isn’t ghetto, she is put together well, and she is not sexual in the most overt, traditional sense, meaning that she is not “slutty” or “loose”. She could be intelligent, or she can come across as being a lot more intelligent than she really is, because she does not exhibit behavior associated with women that are not that intelligent. In any event it is all about putting your best foot forward, blending into the background, making people feel good about themselves, creating a nice atmosphere, and allowing people to be themselves.

It is not about wanting to go to bed with you.

I say this because you hear guys saying that White women are this way, light skinned women are that way, Latino girls are some other way, Asian women are docile.

None of those girls are what you have imagined them to be. The girls that you are talking about, that you refer to, that just happen to have the physical characteristics that I have mentioned, are polite women.

If you still do not get it, think about what happens when you go to the strip club. Not that club where fights break out where someone tries to shoot up the place, but a “respectable” strip club, where you might have to pay the girls a considerable amount of money, just to look at them, and even more to do something you probably are not allowed to do, legally. All of the women are polite, they are all your best friend, they are all pleasant. The only difference between those girls, and the polite women you meet out on the street, is that those girls want your money.

Now this is not to suggest that polite women do not want your money. But it is to suggest that they will get something from you, by being polite, if they want anything. Chances are you will give it to them, because you are used to rude, ugly, ghetto, loud, confrontational, lesbian, man hating, misandry type of women that do not want you to even look their way. Those are the type of women that if you do look their way, you might be interested in them; if you actually speak to them, you definitely want to jump in the sack with them. You really need to stop talking to those type of women, because they like that attention, then complain about that attention, but would think that something was seriously wrong if you were not giving them sexual attention, because something is seriously wrong with the relationships that they have with men, and something is seriously wrong with them.

These women mean well, but they are at a disadvantage because they continue to find themselves in positions with men where it is ultimately about sex. A nice guy seems entirely too good to be true, and if he doesn’t know who he is he will end up becoming a jerk and attempt to treat the woman like every other man does, and he will fail because she will see though that act. He then has a negative reputation he could do without, therefore ruining him for nice girls, but making him seem interesting to nice girls that still have a thing for bad guys.

At the end of the day they are good women, they just are not any good for you. So stick with the polite women, but realize that you are going to have to peel back they layers to find out who they truly are at the end of the day, because you do not know a thing about them, and if you rush in, you will not learn anything worth holding into that will keep you around at the end of the day. The last headache that you want, is the reputation of being a cad with a bunch of polite women, because they will never let that go. You would have been better off trying to “run through” the ghetto women you were used to dealing with.

So before you think that you are in love with some polite woman that is not giving you preferential treatment, just treatment that is better than what you are used to receiving, take your time. Get to know the woman. The demons will show themselves in time, and you can then figure out if this is something you truly want to do, or if you should head back up North. Whatever you do, just know that she will be nice to someone else, probably forget all about you, and allow some other guy the pleasure of being himself, as opposed to playing games. I know, it all seems so surreal. It is because you do not know what reality is, you just bought into the illusion.

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