Outstretched Hands at Easter Mass

by on December 29th, 2010
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There’s something that I have to say
How moved I felt on Easter day
To see you at the altar rail
The strong, the young, the old, the frail
Each outstretched hand revealed a tale
Of burdens that had left a trail
Of sin, of loss of spouse or child
Of illness, age, or things we hide.

Each outstretched hand received a host
In presence of the Holy Ghost.
Some hands were rough and some so tender
Each one different. Every member
Had a specialness inside:
A beauty that they could not hide.
A marriage almost torn apart,
A recent death, a mended heart,
A love of Christ, the Spirit’s flame,
A silent prayer in Jesus’ name.

As I know you and you know me,
I felt so blessed that I could see
The beauty of our unity.
Midst tears of sorrow came such joy
To see a father’s infant boy
Held so gently as the man
Reached out with care his one free hand.
Both there to follow Christ’s command
To share with all the bread and wine.

He was among the last in line,
And yet to me it was a sign
How Jesus’ love is so divine.
A sign perhaps you did not see,
This sign that was revealed to me,
That burdens lifted grant us hope
To love, to see, to care, to cope.
– I felt so moved – I had to share,
I knew our risen Lord was there!

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