Organic Gardening Miracles

by on January 8th, 2011
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Some people look at their poor soil condition and harsh climate and think that it would take a miracle. The truth is that many get an amazing harvest even out of the most desolate of conditions, so it is possible. In many cases, the organic gardening effort needs reviving. Here are some organic gardening miracles.

Cold Frame

Buying a cold frame can certainly create what will seem like miracles in a garden from one year to the next. This is largely because without a cold frame many young plants will die. This is usually seen in locations where the weather is unusually harsh or severe. A cold frame can be a lifesaver in these situations. They do not cost much for the benefit they give. Normally they are just over one hundred dollars, depending on the size.


Much like a cold frame, a greenhouse allows plants to live that would otherwise likely not make it. Greenhouses can also be very pleasant places to perform organic gardening. Many plants do well in a greenhouse as there is an adequate amount of sun. Greenhouses range in price depending upon the size.

Sowing Indoors

Of all the strategies that truly give young plants a chance to live and thrive, sowing indoors is one of the best. This is because by being sown indoors, a seed and then young plant is protected from the elements. Sowing indoors also prevents pests and birds from killing the plant while it is young and tender. There will need to be adequate indoor light.

Vertical Gardening

For those with limited gardening space, vertical gardening works wonders. Growing plants upwards instead of along the ground is practical and it works well. All plants that grow on a vine do well this way. Many others can be trained to grow upwards.

These simple ideas and devices can certainly make a gardener feel like they are suddenly experiencing miracles. A cold frame can keep plants alive during difficult weather. A greenhouse will also help plants to survive. By using the technique of sowing indoors, there will be more young plants that will have survived to the transplanting phase. Finally, by using the technique of vertical gardening there will simply be a larger harvest because there will be more room in the garden. Try some of the miracle-working organic gardening techniques now.


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