Making 80s Fashion Modern Again

by on January 11th, 2011
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The 80s are back in a big way! You may not be able to recall the epitome of eighties fashion, but it centered around big hair, big shoulder pads, and high top sneakers. Equally important were neon brights, horizontal stripes, and acid-washed jeans. Strong makeup was king. And everyone flipped up the collars of their Polo shirts. Here’s how you can mimic – and modernize – the 80s looks.

Hounds tooth jacket. The hounds tooth jacket, with sleeves rolled up, was worn over tight pants and a t-shirt. Don’t forget the linebacker-sized shoulder pads in every outfit! This popular pattern dates any look. Try a blazer with three quarter sleeves in a solid color for a more modern look. Add in shoulder pads only if you want a true, throwback look!

Leather pants. Yes, I had a pair of leather pants. No, they weren’t that flattering. On anyone. But they sure were popular. Today’s cuts are more flattering and there are more options for your body shape, so if you truly want to go for leather pants, don’t be shy. Or wear a textured black trouser for just a hint of the eighties, but skip the pleated front so you don’t add extra bulk where you don’t want it.

Sneakers, preferably high tops. Sneakers went with everything in the eighties. Big, white, high top sneakers were all the rage, especially Reebok brand. For a sleeker, more modern take on this eighties trend, try a Converse High Top, instead. They were popular in the eighties but still look awesome today. Choose a color that suits your personality.

Big hair. My absolute favorite of the eighties – and the nineties- was the big, big hair. At the times, perms were all the rage, and girls teased their bangs for bigger, badder hair. And of course, we doused it in half a can of Aqua Net hair spray. Well, big hair is back, but its much more organic in style. Try large hot rollers to give you body and waves without too much curl. Spritz on your favorite hair spray for all day hold, but don’t use so much that it feels crispy to the touch.

Crimped hair. Yes, I had my very own crimping iron. And yes, I used it! Crimping irons are back, although in larger, looser textures. Try crimping your hair before you pull it back in an updo, or just crimp it in a few places to add texture and style without looking like its 1984. Unless, of course, that’s the look you’re going for.

Keep in mind, that just because the eighties are back, doesn’t mean you should resurrect your entire eighties wardrobe. Instead, pick a few vintage pieces or a few eighties inspired pieces, to incorporate into your current wardrobe so you can enjoy this lighthearted trend. After all, it is 2012….

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