Make a Natural Holiday Treat Tree for Birds

by on March 7th, 2015
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Little birds don’t always have enough to eat in the cold wintertime, so making them a holiday treat tree really gets their little wings fluttering and the appetites ready for supper. These trees are really wonderful to make, easy, and makes you feel wonderful to help Mother Nature out a little.

What you will need:

– Bagel
– Peanut Butter
Or thick Honey
– Birdseed
– Apples
– Ears of Corn
– Red Ribbon
– Cereal
– Dried Fruit
– Dental Floss
– Cording
– Sewing Needle

There are several treats you can place on your holiday treat tree that birds will just love. And here are a few to get you started.

Bagel Treats - Bagel treats are very easy to make and the birds will love them. First, you cut the bagels in half, and then spread the cut side with either peanut butter or thick honey. And then you simply sprinkle the peanut butter sides with birdseed. And for a hanger, just thread a very short length of cording through the center hole in the bagel and knot the ends.

Corn Treats - These treats might also attract the deer so be aware. To make these corn treats, wrap wire around the top of the cob and make sure to leave a loop for hanging. To make these cobs extra Christmassy, tie a water resistant red ribbon bow to the wire.

Cereal Garlands - To make these colorful cereal garlands, just cut a long length of dental floss and thread it into a needle. Then you string the dried cereal on the floss. Then you group the garlands together and you might want to securely tie the garland to branches with string so our feathered friends do not get tangled up on the floss when you hang the garlands on the tree.

Apple Treats - Cut a short length of dental floss and fold it in half and wrap the loose ends of the dental floss around the apple stem, leaving a loop for hanging.

Dried Fruit - If you want to use dried fruit, make sure to pick fruit large enough to easily be hung to a tree, like prunes and apricots.

Stale Bread - You could cover old stale bread with peanut butter and roll into seeds. The birds will love it.

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