MAC Collections Review: Seasonally Supreme

by on November 14th, 2014
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MAC Cosmetics is truly one of the best makeup brands in the world today. Out of numerous makeup brands to date, MAC truly demonstrates its place in beauty. Recently, I had the greatest pleasure of discovering The Seasonally Supreme Collection. The Seasonally Supreme Collection was introduced in August 2011 in both North America and Asia. It is scheduled to be introduced internationally in October 2011. The Seasonally Supreme Collection is a collection created by Mac Cosmetics which supports the new product, the Sheen Supreme Lipstick, which has been introduced by the popular makeup brand.

For this particular collection, Seasonally Supreme, MAC has introduced nine new lip shades and three re-promoted shades, making this fantastic addition to MAC presenting a total of twelve shades. The Sheen Supreme Lipstick shades include Tea Ceremony (pink beige nude), Sheer Mandarin (yellowish orange), Blossom Culture (light pink frost), Korean Candy (bright orange red), Supreme Style (light peachy pink frost), Fashion City (peachy pink coral), Happy Hibiscus (white pink), Royal Azalea (bright neutral pink), Asian Flower (pale purple), Insanely It (pale red bright pink), Bare Again (extremely pink beige nude) and Supremely Confident (light nude). As an NC42 in MAC, my favorites are definitely Happy Hibiscus, Bare Again and Blossom Culture.

When it comes to any kind of lip product, there is so much to contemplate, as there is a lot of qualities to look for when choosing an amazing one. The thing that I love most about the Sheen Supreme Lipstick is the fact that it is long-lasting, but also hydrating. I was surprised that it sunk into my lips and lasted as long as it did. I did not have to reapply often like I do other lip products. If you are one looking for a lip product that truly does deliver great benefits, you are going to love the Seasonally Supreme Collection by MAC.

You can purchase the Sheen Supreme Lipstick at your nearest MAC retailer, as well as, the official website, for $14.50 USD and $17.50 CDN. Would I purchase this lip product again? Yes, most definitely. Would I recommend this lip product to a friend? Absolutely.

I think that this collection is fantastic, but my only objective or weakness about it is the fact that it was not extremely large and, therefore, not as universally appealing as it had the potentially of being. Although the Sheen Supreme Lipstick is a wonderful lip product, there is much more to a makeup collection than lipstick.

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