by on March 9th, 2015
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I’m from One-Thousand, Nine-hundred and Eighty-Four dreams to fruition, dreams altered, dreams bloodied, dreams mesmerized, dreams still to fruition

I am from 25-years of complexity

And 27-years of simplicity

I am a rifle dusty with fingerprints tucked under a bed, attached to the hip, protected by a hair trigger

I am from eyes that stare back from a gray now beige picture that sometimes resents time more so than age.

I am from a runaway from a nameless town tucked behind trees where you can still hear cattle scream even though the house has burned down.

I am from a Harlem skirt smacking tradition of young gals who take pistols to church and don’t minced words because they walked out of tobacco field with a “bushel and peck and a hug around the neck.”

Yes I do love you too, but tea for the fever never released the connection to vanishing fathers, and fathers trying to do better.

I am from changing weather in a nurturing pasture of brick and mortar.

Smoke of one hand typing gave birth to Skyping

While I was obsessed with Facebook, I started seeing Twitter

And I am a would-be writer having an affair with science fiction though I vowed to remain true to what first sparked talent in me


I am poetry, slammed in iambic pentameter with no harmony but a perfect rhyme scheme who repeats mistake like a villanelle because I can’t remain faithful since I don’t have the self-esteem to say everything I mean I get hiccups like a haiku leaving you to fill in the blanks.

I think before I write. Even if not before I speak.

I am from a voice that says don’t go off the porch, but really mean don’t risk my dreams

I am sustained by hope in things unseen.

From your lips to GOD’s ears.

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