Lady Gaga Proves She was ‘Born This Way’

by on September 8th, 2014
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After years of struggling, two consecutive Grammy nominations for Album of the Year and millions of singles sold, Lady Gaga is at the top of the world. After months of waiting, the pop phenomenon’s second full length album, Born This Way, was finally unleashed to the world on May 23rd in standard and special editions. The album showcases Gaga reinventing her image and sound once again, a true talent for any successful artist. Preceded by three top ten singles, the title track, “Judas”, and “The Edge of Glory”, the anticipated album will go down as one of the greatest moments in pop history with high sales and rave reviews expected. The album is showing another side of Gaga and that is the best thing about the entire project.

Some standout tracks have to be first single, “Born This Way”. The record breaking title track hit number one in just two days which proves how amazing the record is. Gaga sings about equality and tolerance, subjects that she holds close to her heart, but she is able to attach a dance beat to it to make it more fun and less political. Madonna comparisons were everywhere when the song was officially released, but the track stands on its own feet and is honestly much better; a true hit pop track. When first teased at a fashion show, evidence of the greatness of “Government Hooker” was clearly visible. The song contains some 80s influence, but then turns into a straight up European club song when the chorus begins to play. The background voices and laughs give the track a dark and creepy vibe, but that is the best part. Throw in some JFK references and you have a great dance track that holds real meaning underneath. One of the brightest moments on the entire project is the slow and dark “Bloody Mary” which carries many religious references such as crucifixion, more than the second single that caused so much controversy. Gaga’s voice gives the song something extra but the power lies in the lyrics and production. The end result is nothing short of perfection, and Gaga gets to incorporate her name with a greater impact than it had in “Bad Romance” which is a big accomplishment.

Much anticipation was built prior to the release of Born This Way, and the album was able to live up to all of that hype and buzz, the singles are not the best tracks. Lady Gaga has become a force in the music world after just one and a half albums, and this project just solidifies her place and shows that she is not going anywhere any time soon. Every track on the album is filled with club-ready beats that amplify the experience the listener would get. Things get toned down where they need to and amazing vocal performances emerge. Gaga may be over the top, her message may not be so subtle, but no one can deny the talent that she possesses. For an album containing hit tracks one right after another, amazing vocals, and true originality, the standard edition of the album receives a 97%.

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