Inexpensive Mardi Gras Decorations

by on March 7th, 2015
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Decorating for a Mardi Gras party does not have to be expensive. Repurposing items such as green, gold and purple Christmas decorations, making homemade tissue flowers, decorating empty Pringles cans are just a few ideas to cut the cost of decorating.

The traditional colors of Mardi Gras are green, gold and purple. Green represents faith, gold represents power and purple represents justice. Beads, costumes, masks and decorations that are mainly these three colors add the Mardi Gras feel to any party.

Drape green, gold and/or purple metallic paper garland along the windows, light fixtures and table edges. Placing the garland along the top of chairs and sofa add more color to the area.

Create sparkle vases to hold tissue flowers from empty Pringles cans. Cover the outside of the Pringles can with white glue. Sprinkle green, gold and/or purple glitter over the glue. Rotate the Pringles can during the process to evenly spread the glitter over the surface. Place the can in a safe location to dry for a minimum of 30 minutes. An alternative to sprinkling the glitter on the can is rolling the can in a layer of glitter. Pour the glitter onto a cookie sheet. Roll the Pringles can in the glitter. Add more glitter as needed. Place the can in a safe location to dry.

Tissue paper flowers add an airy feeling to the Mardi Gras party area. Stack six to eight sheets of tissue paper on top of one another. Fan-fold the stack using 1-inch wide folds. Secure the center of the stack with a pipe cleaner. Twist the pipe cleaner tightly around the center of the flower. Spread the folds apart on each side of the pipe cleaner. Carefully pull one layer at a time up. The fullness of the paper will create a beautiful paper tissue flower. Add more character to the flower by cutting the fan-folded ends into a triangle or rounded curve. Use the same process to separate the flower layers. Place the flowers in the sparkle vases.

Continue to decorate with lots of glimmer. Sprinkle Mardi Gras mask, round or star shaped confetti on the surface of each table. Make sure to place a green, gold or purple tablecloth on the table’s surface prior to distributing the confetti.

Hang inexpensive eye masks on the walls or windows. Place the same masks in the tissue paper flower arrangements or on the tables. Add color and sparkle to the eye masks by squeezing a line of glue around the outside edge. Sprinkle glitter over the glue. Allow the glue to dry 30 minutes before use.

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