How to Make a T-shirt Flower

by on January 10th, 2011
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Recycle old T-shirts into beautiful flowers to use in floral designs, as package adornments and hair accessories. T-shirt flowers require no sewing! Make several for yourself or give them as gifts.

Things You’ll Need:

Old T-shirts
Tacky glue
Wax paper
Clippie clothespins


Step 1 – Measure and cut 2- to 3-inch strips from old T-shirts. I recommend cutting off the bottom hem and working your way up the length of the T-shirt.

Step 2 – Remove the two seams in each strip.

Step 3 – Place a T-shirt strip in a bunch on a 12-inch square of wax paper. Squeeze tacky glue over the top of the strip. Work the tacky glue into the strip until it is completely coated.

Step 4 – Straighten the strip with your fingers then fold in half to make a 1 or 1 ½-inch wide strip.

Step 5 – Start at one end of the strip and gather it together to make the center of the flower. Wrap the remainder of the strip around the center, gathering as you go to create a wave in the flower petals.

Step 6 – Clip the bottom of the flower together with a clippie clothespin. Set aside until the glue dries completely.

Step 7 – Cut one strip into 6-inch sections. Repeat Step 3 to thoroughly coat the piece with tacky glue.

Step 8 – Fold the rectangle so it is 3-inches long. Fold the two sides in to form the shape of a leaf. Gather the bottom portion of the leaf together.

Step 9 – Turn the flower over and place the leaf on the center back. Allow the glue to dry completely before use.

Attach the completed flowers to dowels, floral wire, hair accessories and so on with a hot glue gun.

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