How Online Dating Can Be Compared to Online Job Searching

by on October 4th, 2014
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I guess I’ll be doing a dating segment on the blog also. I want to write about this because media has made online dating the norm. When first thinking about online dating, we think of the professionals who don’t have time to date regularly and creeps who are not socially aware enough to ask someone out. Since recently, this has not been the case

Since the 2008 recession, we’ve seen more and more dating web sites are crawling out of the hole social irrelevance. With regular commercials from Zoosk and pop stars endorsing Plenty of Fish, an array of people are joining these sites. It got me to thinking, could the economy have a correlation to how we date?

When you think about it there has been a lack suitable relationships just as there are a lack of proficient jobs. While employees are being laid out, couples are breaking up, or getting divorced. Just recently we’ve seen the divorce of Kobe and Vanessa Bryant, Tiger and Elin Woods, and Kim and Kris Khardashian.

In our day in age, when the job market can’t find jobs they take to the Internet to post their resume. It seems to be the same now in the dating market, where people sign up to a create a profile. On a profile, a date candidate provides the skills and qualifications to why they would be the best fit for a relationship. Their experience in past relationship also gives a great indication to if they will be a great fit.

Once the profile is finished, date candidates scour the website for potential recruiters. Once they see a suitor (or company) they see as a great fit for their qualifications and skills, they send an email in hopes that the recruiter will read their profile.

If the dating force is anything like our economy, it will probably take a while for a recruiter to respond. You can send your resume to just about any job, but there’s not going to be a response if the recruiter doesn’t believe the candidate’s skills is up to par with the needs of the recruiter. Those with a higher level of qualities will probably find a mate faster than a person who has less qualities. It’s no different in the job market.

Once the candidate gets his/her letter of recognition, it is time for the candidate to work with the recruiter on an day for an interview (date). It may take a while, but eventually the recruiter will want to meet face to face with the candidate to make sure he/she is the right fit for the relationship. The first date is much like the first interview of any job, so be sure to prepare yourself with questions that may be asked and always dress to impress.

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