Free EFL/ESL Conversation Activity/Game: Timelines

by on March 7th, 2015
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Using timelines is an interesting way to start a conversation and get a better understanding of how, why and/or where a topic/theme originated and evolved. It also a fabulous tool to generate speech English in an EFL/ESL course. In “Timelines”, EFL/ESL students get the opportunity to analyze the past, present and future of a theme/topic. It’s flexible in terms of what theme/topic it can be used with. You, the teacher, decide on the theme. The end result translates into student involvement, quality discussion and improved language skills. Your EFL/ESL students will want you to do this free ESL/EFL again and again.

Step 1: Draw three columns on the board/flipchart. Write “past” in one column, “present” in the second, “future” in the third. Write a theme/ topic on the board/flipchart as well. For example, it can be “technology”.

Step 2: Have students give you keywords, phrases to describe the past, present and future of computers. Examples can include “old”, “fast” and “almost human like”. Write students’ responses in the columns.

Step 3: Have a conversation and ask students if they agree/disagree with their colleagues’ responses. Make sure students speak in English and not their native language. Write down any mistakes made during discussion and/or any improvements that could be made. Go over them with group.

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