Flickr : the Photobucket for Adults?

by on January 24th, 2011
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I’ve had Flickr off and on for about two years. Flickr is supposed to be a site dedicated to sharing and getting feedback on your photography. However, I’ve found that this is an incredibly hard site to get the ball rolling on. Honestly, Flickr is the hardest major site to get a good start on I have ever seen. Over the years, I have shared my photography through Facebook pages, DeviantART, portfolio services, etc., and I have had the least amount of success through Flickr. Images that have 60-100 views on my other sites only have about 10-20 on Flickr.

I think part of the problem is that Flickr has a LOT of users. So many people share their photos there, everything from their family albums to vacation photos to images that don’t even belong to the poster. The content has a striking resemblance to Photobucket at times. You have to dig and dig to find great photographs that aren’t extremely popular. That in turn makes it difficult for people to find amazing up-and-coming photographers.

The design of the site is indeed beautiful. Sleek, simple, and functional. Everything is so accessible and I can see why Flickr is pretty much the top photography-dedicated site on the web. Perhaps too popular, because the site is over-satuarated in users that use it like Photobucket or Facebook album. If that works for you, great. But for those of you wanting to get your photography really noticed, I suggest posting your work elsewhere.

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