Five Ways to Save Money Using Twitter

by on March 7th, 2015
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Social networking isn’t about solely connecting with people you know online. Instead, companies have morphed the services in ways to connect with customers and clients. Twitter is one of the best social networks to use these services to find discounts in your area. Saving money goes beyond using services like Groupon or Living Social. Instead, set up an account to follow your favorite companies and coupons sites so you are always first to know the sales and specials.

Some companies offer time sensitive sales to all their Twitter followers. This may work as “shop at our online store for the next hour to save 20 percent” or the company may provide a code to use at checkout. Anyone who doesn’t follow them on Twitter will not have access to this information.

Another way you can save money using Twitter is with coupons. Not only will companies tweet codes to use online, but some accounts are devoted solely to tweeting links to coupons you can print from websites. These are manufacturer coupons for products at any major department or grocery store. A variety of accounts also tweet links to sign up for free samples. A unique way some establishments use Twitter is offering discounts to Twitter followers who dine or drink at “Twitter Bars” or “Twitter Restaurants.” This means anyone who follows these restaurants and bars on Twitter receive a discounted rate on drinks or food when they visit. Make sure you tell the waiter, especially if you are new to the restaurant or bar.

Instead of saving money, try winning free items on Twitter. Enter Twitter contests from companies and venues online for an opportunity at free wine, handbags, concert tickets and more. You may win coupons, discounts or free items depending on the company. Follow your favorite companies so you do not miss any opportunity to win goods! The easiest way to watch for giveaways and sales it to create a Twitter list for all the companies you follow. Check the list often to see if any new posts are up.

Once you find the best companies to follow, connect with other couponers or local tweeters to exchange links and tips. You can save hundreds of dollars over the year using Twitter discounts.

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