Drawer Knob Necklace

by on January 5th, 2015
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Something just happens when you get in your car, doesn’t it? It’s like the vehicle takes a mind of its own and aims straight for the nearest craft store. How can you help yourself? When you walk in and see all of the fabulous craft supplies they carry you just yearn to do yet another fun project. Tell you what: next time you find yourself steering towards the craft store, go to a different type of craft store. When you visit a large home improvement place you’re presented with all sorts of new craft supplies; you just have to find them. Look around and you’ll see many types of hardware that would look impressive as jewelry. Don’t get scared! You won’t have to spend hours with magnifying glasses on your face, and an array of tools and implements. You can make some hardware jewelry in a matter of minutes. One such jewelry piece is made when you purchase a simple drawer knob. You can turn it into a gorgeous necklace, which looks high-end, but costs very little to create.

Until you shop for drawer knobs you just don’t realize how many there are. Choose from porcelain designs, metallic pieces, or even glass knobs. They have large ones, tiny ones, and ones with unusual shapes. When you turn the knob into a necklace it looks like a fancy pendulum that’s quite impressive. With many knobs being just a buck or two, it’s a pretty good deal.

You can make the necklace quickly when you buy a chain that’s slightly longer than you want it to be. Since the drawer knob has a hole that goes straight through it – meant for a screw – it’s super easy to drop the chain through the hole. Find the very center of the chain, and, with chain folded in two, push the center link through the bottom hole of the drawer knob. Pull the folded area out of the top of the knob.

With the center link hanging slightly out of the knob, decide what you want to use as the “stopper”. This can be any decorative piece, which is larger than the hole itself, that will keep the chain from coming back through the hole. Some good choices for this piece could be a bead, a bracelet charm, or even a tiny metal washer.

Open a single chain link and slip it through the chosen ornament. Slide the open ring through the center ring of the necklace chain, and clamp it shut. That’s it! The necklace is finished in minutes and, wow, is it stunning!

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