Darron Thomas Leaving Oregon Football Team. Fans Are Shocked and Dismayed

by on January 8th, 2015
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Darin Thomas dropped a bombshell on the Oregon Ducks football football fans when he filed paperwork with the National Football League to enter the 2012 NFL Draft. Perhaps no one except close associates of Thomas expected this move. Everyone expected LaMichael James to turn professional after he had accomplished school and Pac-12 records. He expressed concerns about the shelf life of a running back as a career. But Thomas had kept close to the vest on his 2012 plans which all fans just assumed he would be returning.

Darron Thomas was probably the least appreciated member of the Duck team for the last two years. Many fans even clamored for backup Bryan Bennett to replace Thomas when he struggled. There was a perception among many fans that his passing game was suspect. His MO was some passes where off mark or sailed high, but then he would catch fire, and the team would roar down the field for touchdowns.

In a game against Arizona State Thomas appeared to injure his left knee. He was on the ground was several frightening minutes, before he popped up and ran to the sidelines. It was never fully disclosed the extent of his injury. Fans were suspicious when Thomas rarely ran out of the spread offense. LaMichael Thomas seemed to have most of the carries, and he paid a price when defenses keyed on him.

Despite the perception the 2011 Ducks were still loaded while having Thomas, James and Kenjon Barner only 11 seniors were on the roster from 2010. Now that the fans of the Ducks have had time to get the over the shock of Thomas’ decision, many fans are sad and perhaps realizing how little they appreciated Darron Thomas.

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