Creative Homemade Shelves for the Kitchen

by on February 24th, 2015
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Kitchen shelves come in handy for holding everything from cookbooks to small appliances, but they are even more useful when decorating. They do not have to be made from metal or wood, and they do not have to be purchased from a store. Some of the most decorative and useful shelving is homemade and highly unique. Try these creative options for homemade kitchen shelves, and decorate the home in exclusive new ways.

Use an Old Wooden Chair as a Unique and Stylish New Shelf

Do you have one or two antique chairs that seem to be out of place in the kitchen? Move one of them off of the floor and onto a wall. Wooden chairs can be turned into homemade shelves when securely mounted on a vertical space. It can be used to hold a live or faux vine, a small display or something else altogether. If the rungs of the chair are strong, a piece of old barn wood can be placed beneath for an additional place for display.

Homemade Kitchen Shelves Designed from Baskets

Baskets are good for more than just holding small items on a tabletop surface. When attached to a wall they become unique homemade shelves. Buy three baskets of the same size and style, and mount them vertically on a bare kitchen wall approximately six inches apart. Use the baskets to hold keys and whatnot. These one-of-a-kind homemade shelves look absolutely beautiful when used to hold dried flowers and vines.

Unique Cutting Board Shelving

Cutting boards are made of plastic, Plexiglas, and various types of wood including bamboo. When looking for unique homemade kitchen shelves, consider using cutting boards instead of store-bought planks. Buy metal angle brackets, and paint them to blend in with the walls. Paint the adjustable brackets another color that coordinates with the kitchen, and mount the narrow homemade shelves on a bare kitchen wall. Bamboo cutting boards make fantastic homemade shelves. They are highly decorative, very sturdy and exceptionally unique.

Turn Old Kitchen Cupboard Doors into Shelves

Do you have an old set of cabinets that are not in use or do not require the doors? Old kitchen cabinet doors make fantastic homemade shelves. Remove the hardware, and place the doors on brackets with the beveled sides facing down. The wood is sturdy and eye-catching, and it works very well when trying to come up with homemade kitchen shelves on a budget.

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