Create a Scarecrow Fall Harvest Halloween Wall Decoration

by on November 13th, 2014
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Add some fall harvest themed interest to your entry way or front door by creating this scarecrow wall decoration. This project uses a Cricut electronic cutter and the Simply Scarecrow seasonal cartridge, but you can adapt the instructions if you do not have a cutting machine.

In the supplies section, I’ve indicated, where possible, the exact products that I used to make the samples. These supplies are readily available at major craft retailers such as JoAnn’s, Michael’s, and Hobby Lobby.

Supply List

1 unfinished pine board (6″x14″ Innkeeper sign by Walnut Hallow) Cricut machine Cricut Simply Scarecrow seasonal cartridge Ceramcoat Paint in Seminole Green and Black Purple Glitter (Martha Stewart) Variety of autumn themed scrapbook papers, both patterned and solid Brown, black, and gold pens Glue Paintbrush Scissors Mod Podge in gloss Orange and black twine (Orange Licorice from Trendy Twine)

Instructions to make the Scarecrow Fall Harvest Halloween Wall Decoration

Paint the top-portion of the unfinished pine board with 1 coat of Seminole green paint. Sprinkle some purple glitter on the green paint while it is still wet. Set aside to dry. Paint the side portions of the board with 1 coat of black paint and allow to dry. Select 3 of your favorite scarecrows from the Simply Scarecrow cartridge for your wall decoration. Cut each scarecrow at 3-1/4 inches using the autumn themed scrapbook papers. Glue the scarecrow pieces together and set aside to dry. Use the brown and black pens to add facial accents to the scarecrows. Cut 4 pumpkins using the cartridge from dark orange paper in 3 different sizes: 2 inches, 1-3/4 inches, and 1-1/4 inches. Cut 3 oval pumpkins by hand using the scissors from a lighter orange paper. Use the brown pen to add stripes to the dark orange pumpkins. Set all the pumpkins to the side. Cut a set of crows using the Simply Scarecrow cartridge at 1-1/4 inches. Use the gold pen to add an eye to the crows. Cut the word “FALL” using the cartridge at 2 inches. Measure the length at the bottom portion of your pine board. Cut a 1-1/4 inch wide strip from olive green paper to match the length of the board. Hint: Use scalloped edged scissors or trimmer. Glue the green strip to the bottom of your pine board. Layer and glue the pumpkins and scarecrows over the green strip as shown in the article photo. Glue the word “FALL” in between the first and second scarecrow. Glue the flying crow in between the second and third scarecrow. Glue any extra crows near or on the pumpkins, as desired. Allow to dry. Use the brown pen to add pumpkin stems and vines. Glue the Orange Licorice twine in a grooved section of the black painted boarder. Allow to dry. Apply a layer of Mod Podge gloss to the entire front, making sure to cover all the paper and twine. Note: The Mod Podge will go on very opaque but will dry clear and glossy. Sign and date the back of your finished Scarecrow Fall Harvest Halloween wall decoration and display it!

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