Comparisons and Reviews of Original Vegenaise and Grapeseed Oil Vegenaise

by on October 10th, 2010
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For vegans or those who love mayonnaise but want to cut back on all those eggs and cholesterol, there are many eggless mayo alternatives. A very popular vegan mayonnaise is Vegenaise, which has actually been around for forty years now!

Original Vegenaise is delicious. I love it on sandwiches and in salads (such as pasta salads, potato salads, et cetera). Original Vegenaise is creamy and light tasting. it doesn’t necessarily taste exactly like mayonnaise, but, for me, it’s close enough. I am not a vegan, but I am vegetarian and don’t eat much egg or dairy. I love Vegenaise. These products are vegan, gluten free, egg free, and dairy free.

The new label for Original Vegenaise is a light cream colored background with some light blue and yellow shapes near the top and the logo “Follow Your Heart” written in a greenish heart shaped area that looks like it has natural plants growing around it. Below that is the work “Original” in dark blue and “Vegenaise” in black prominent text. Written smaller below that in black handwriting-type font are the words “Dressing & Sandwich Spread.” It comes in a glass jar with a dark blue twist off cap. the grapeseed oil variety is similar but with deep purple cap and label accents.

The Grapeseed Oil Vegenaise mayonnaise alternative came with an insert with information about grapeseed, basically saying it “is a by-product of wine production” and “studies have demonstrated that grapeseed oil may also be effective in correcting blood cholesterol levels in certain individuals, thereby reducing their risk of cardiac risk.” It also gives a mini-health lesson regarding cholesterol, explaining that HDL is a good type of cholesterol, so higher levels of this type is beneficial, while LDL cholesterol is the bad type, therefore lower levels of this would be better. Grapeseed oil has been shown to raise HDL cholesterol levels naturally, which may help reduce the LDL/bad cholesterol. Also, the insert reveals grapeseed oil to be “an excellent natural source of vitamin E and essential fatty acids necessary for normal cell metabolism and maintenance.”

After reading all of this wonderful news, I was more anxious to try this type of Vegenaise, so I made a sandwich and hoped for the best… It was actually better than original Vegenaise, in my opinion. Original Vegenaise is okay but it can be a bit bland. The Grapeseed Oil Vegenaise is a little more flavorful, more smooth, less pasty even than regular egg-based mayo. It really added a nice flavor to my sandwich, and I have sampled it on different types of sandwiches as well as in pasta salads and other dishes as well, so it’s not only good for sandwiches but great in other foods.

Vegenaise is made with solar power by a company called Earth Island in California. It contains no preservatives, no cholesterol, no dairy, and no eggs. It’s 100% vegan and certified organic. The jar I purchased was a 16 fluid ounce (1 pint) glass jar and was a bit pricey at about $3.79, but it lasts quite some time and its high quality is well worth the price. Also, 32-ounce sizes are available for about $7.00 and searching online may help you find better bargains. Keep in mind this product needs to stay refrigerated, so shipping may not be convenient for all locations. It lasts a long time in the refrigerator, at least a couple months or more, without going bad.

The serving and nutritional information on the 16-ounce jar I bought suggests a single serving size of 1 tablespoon (14 grams) and reveals there are usually around 16 servings per container. There are 90 calories per serving. One serving contains 9 grams of total fat (14%), with less than 1 gram of saturated fat (about 3% RDI) and no trans fat. It contains the good fats polyunsaturated fat (2.5 grams) and monounsaturated fat (6 grams). There is no cholesterol in this product and low sodium content of only 85 mg (4%). Both also contain omega-3 fatty acids, vital to good health.

Even if you are not a vegan, both Original and Grapeseed Oil Vegenaise are great choices for anyone who uses mayonnaise. It’s made using solar energy, so it’s better for the environment than most companies, and it’s much healthier than traditional egg-based mayonnaise (even those that claim they are lower in fat and cholesterol or just made with egg whites). I highly recommend Vegenaise for everyone to try, especially the Grapeseed Oil Vegenaise variety.

Grapeseed Oil Vegenaise Ingredients: grapeseed oil, filtered water, brown rice syrup, apple cider vinegar, non-GMO soy protein, sea salt, mustard flour, lemon juice concentrate

Original Vegenaise Ingredients: non-GMO canola oil, filtered water, brown rice syrup, apple cider vinegar, non-GMO soy protein, sea salt, mustard flour, lemon juice concentrate

Follow Your Heart also produces vegan cheese alternatives, salad dressings, sauces and marinades, and a selection of fake meats. Find recipes, ingredient and allergen information, their full line of products, and more at their website.


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