Coffee Table Babysitter

by on March 7th, 2015
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There are coffee tables that sit right on the floor, and there are others that have legs. A coffee table with legs is a great babysitter – did you know that? Not a full-time babysitter, nor one that can give your baby a bottle, or change him, but a babysitter nonetheless. If you need to take a load off of your feet for a few minutes, or you’re just looking for a new way to entertain your baby, look to your coffee table – or even an end table. It can be quickly turned into a babysitter/play center, keeping your baby entertained for a good while. It’s really easy to set the arrangement up so go get some pictures and you can get started.

Babies are fascinated by new things, things they’ve never seen. Since that’s true, they’ll be enthralled by a group of photos you arrange to use as a babysitter. When you affix photos to the bottom of the table, you create a play center for a small child, keeping him or her studying for long periods of time. Just make copies of family photos, copy pictures from a baby book, or find images online.

You can create a certain theme for the baby, like animals, vehicles, family and friends, or another. Or, you can just use random pictures to create the coffee table display. Tape the pictures under the table so that the backside of the pictures face the underneath of the table. That way, the baby can lay there and look at the pictures, enjoying and learning.

Babies learn quickly by things they see, hear or feel and, as they study the pictures, they can learn a lot. Just lay the baby on a blanket and pull the blanket under the table. Allow baby to lay there until he or she begins to get restless.

Your baby doesn’t have to get bored with the photos because you can change them any time you want. Just remove the old ones, put up new ones, or just replace a couple of them each time the baby lays under the table – just to add a new element.

The under-the-table babysitter is perfect for a baby who can’t yet sit. After that, you might as well remove the pictures – the babysitting coffee table is no more. That’s okay, though. Put the thought of it away for now and, later, use the same technique to entertain the grand kids.

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