Christmas Gifts for Gifted Children

by on August 20th, 2010
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If you are like me, there are a few kids on your shopping list this Holiday Season who are almost impossible to shop for.
The kid who loves to read but already has every book under the sun, the child who loves to do science experiments, the incredibly creative child who is bored with simple coloring books and crayons.

But where do you find gifts for these children?

I have found a few websites that offer the perfect solution to this problem!


Review: Fat Brain Toys offers a few great tools that make it easier to shop. You can search for your gift by age to make sure you are getting something age appropriate (ages range from Baby to Adult), or you can enter information (such as child’s interests, age, gender) into their gift wizard and it brings up toys the child in question might be interested in! This makes shopping so much easier, especially if there are several children you are shopping for!

Gifts: Gifts range from fairly standard action figures and dress up clothes to more advanced spy kits with night-vision goggles and paint your own race car kits.

Price Range: $5.75 (Brian Putty) – $320.00 (4 foot high wooden doll house)

Specials: Enter every day to win $250 Shopping Spree.


Review: Mind Ware’s slogan is “Brainy toys for kids of all ages” and they certainly live up to that. They have by far the most interesting toys I have seen. I am in my late 20’s and there are several I want for myself. This website also offers you the option of searching for toys by the age of the child you are shopping for. They have a lot of high-tech, interesting toys at very reasonable prices.

Gifts:. Recon Rover ($69.99), Forensic Science Detective’s Tool Kit ($49.95), How to Make Balloon Animals Kit ($16.95), Project Runway T-Shirt Design Studio (29.95), Sooooooooo much more!

Price Range: $9.99 (Bracelet Maker) – $99.95 (EzyRoller Go-Cart)

Specials: Clearance Specials 50%-80% Off

Website: -or-

Review: Think Geek is mostly for adults who like interesting, new gadgets and gifts, but there is an infants and children’s sections that is well worth taking a look at. They categorize their merchandise well so everything is easy to find. Everything is divided by age group starting with Newborn & Infant and ending in 7-13 years old (after that it’s back to the regular section of the site).

Gifts:. Gifts range from Star Trek Uniform Onesies for newborns and Electronic guitar or Drum Kit t-shirts for youngsters to work-cubicle warfare items, there is absolutely something for everyone on your list on this website, there are so many fun and interesting things that you can’t find anywhere else, you will spend hours gawking at the items on this website!

Price Range: $1.99 (Key Chains) – $169.99 (Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium)

Specials: Enter to wil a $1,000 sweepstakes!

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