Catching Trout Through the Ice

by on October 31st, 2014
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Although it can obviously be quite cold, sitting on a frozen lake looking through a hole in the ice in an attempt to catch trout, this is nonetheless a popular wintertime activity enjoyed by many fishermen. In this article I will outline a few tips that will help with catching trout through the ice. As the winter ‘kicks into high gear’ ice fishing starts to heat up and so does the idea of catching trout through the ice, which is obviously where ice fishing comes into play.

When it comes to ice fishing it’s imperative to mention safe ice thicknesses. As a general rule of thumb four inches of ice is a must to ice fish on safely. I personally like to see six inches of ice, but this isn’t necessary. If there are four inches of ice you are in little danger of falling through. Making sure that the ice is a safe thickness is imperative to having a good day ice fishing.

The first thing to discuss is what kind of trout bait to use when attempting to catch trout through the ice. Meal worms, wax worms, and/or maggots are all excellent trout baits when fishing through the ice. Some anglers like to tip small jigs with a meal or wax worm and some anglers like to fish with just these baits on a single small hook or set o gang hooks. If fishing with a tipped jig minimal jig movement is a key to catching trout through the ice. Moving the jig every minute or two will suffice in many instances.

Another ice fishing trout bait that is effective in many lakes is Powerbait. The key here is to make sure that you’re fishing for stocked trout. If the lake you are fishing has been stocked with trout, using Powerbait through the ice

can be very effective. A great way to fish your Powerbait is a set of gang hooks, which is simply a pair of small hooks tied back to back. This enables you to use two balls of Powerbait, rather than just one.

The last thing to consider when trying to catch trout through the ice is when you are fishing. By ‘when’ I mean time of day and time of the month that you are fishing. Trout are more active during certain times of the day and month than others and the answer to this question lies with the weather and moon. These two forces of Mother Nature have an incredible impact on the activity level of fish and the more you understand about this phenomenon the better. The goal is to be in the ice when the trout are the most active.

The point here is that if catching trout through the ice is the goal, these tips will help you to be much more successful. Add one or all of these tips to your ice fishing repertoire sooner rather than later.

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