Can’t Find a Relationship? What Type of Dater Are You?

by on March 7th, 2015
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There are so many relationship books on the market right now. You’re either told to Act Like a Lady but Think Like a Man , or told you should think like a lady and still get a man . It’s confusing. For the most part all of these books are entertaining , but they don’t really tell you anything you don’t already know. The books are just common sense. Unfortunately common sense is not too common, especially when it comes to women and matters of the heart. Women who have trouble keeping a man, maintaining a relationship, or just meeting a decent guy typically fall under one of these categories.

Serial Monogamist . Some women will consider themselves a serial monogamist and believe they can only date one person at a time. But the fact of the matter is on most nights this self-proclaimed serial monogamist doesn’t have anyone calling her for a date anyway. A true serial monogamist is someone who goes from one relationship to another relationship. This girl always has a boyfriend. She has to be in a relationship. She doesn’t feel complete without a man in her life. A true serial-monogamist needs to experience what it’s like not to be in a relationship, so they can determine what they really need from a partner and stop trying to make Mr. Right Now Mr. Right.

Little Miss Perfect. This sister doesn’t think her poop stinks. She thinks the reason her relationships don’t work out is because all men are crazy and can’t be trusted. She believes because she’s attractive and independent that she doesn’t have any other issues. When the fact of the matter is a big part of her problem is herself. She doesn’t know how to pick ‘em. She chooses basically the same guy in a different package and then has the audacity to be shocked that the relationship ends the exact same way the last one did.

The Desperate Diva. The desperate diva fronts like she’s confident. But she’s the most insecure of them all. She’s never been treated right. She’s been falling for jerks since the 8 th grade and has carried these same destructive habits on into adulthood. She’s dated the pretty boy player who has cheated on her with multiple women yet she stayed until her heart couldn’t take it anymore. She’s dated the guy who lived with his “ex-girlfriend” and could only go out with her during the day. She’s dated the guy who has repeatedly been arrested for DUI’s by Fort Worth P.D., but he’s just misunderstood. She much rather see these guys the way she’s pictured them in her imagination than to really see them in actual reality. She’s desperate to be loved and would try to make it work with a crackhead just to have someone in her life.

The Romantic. Her favorite movies are Sleepless in Seattle and pretty much any other romantic comedy that you can think of. She believes that all relationships have those movie moments where the guy says, “you complete me.” No relationship will ever live up to the images she has in her mind. Some men are definitely more romantic than others. But if you believe every day will be flowers, candy, diamonds, and other romantic gestures you’re kidding yourself. The average guy can’t afford it and the wealthy ones typically do that out guilt because they work so much!

The Freak. There’s really not much to say about a freak. She may or may not be attractive. But, she figured out a long time ago that men were willing to have sex with her. She values herself by taking pride in her sexual prowess, not her intelligence or her great sense of humor. She thinks sex will keep a man, yet it hasn’t worked out for her quite yet.

The Maneater. The maneater has learned to date like a man. She can basically chew up a man and spit him out without so much of a glimpse of remorse. It’s not that she’s uncaring. Most maneaters have become maneaters because they’ve suffered some type of heartbreak. They won’t let any man get too close to them so that they can avoid ever getting hurt. Men should run from this woman. Unfortunately, the fact that she’s hard to read and hard to win over attracts most men.

Women are complicated creatures. At times one woman could possibly fit into several of these categories simultaneously, and at other times could move between one or two of these categories in a lifetime. It is definitely a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. The facts are that some where in the midst of things women have surrendered their power and began settling for the okey doke . Women have gotten caught up in this world and have forgotten their worth.

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