Bride of Frankenstein Pumpkin Stencils for Halloween

by on January 23rd, 2011
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Bride of Frankenstein is a horror movie starring actress Elsa Lanchester as the title character. There are several websites that offer Halloween pumpkin carving stencils of the horror film icon for a fee.

Bride of Frankenstein: The pattern is the classic profile image of the Bride. This is available from Zombie Pumpkins and is located in their movie monsters section of the website. It is my personal favorite because it is so easily recognized and easy to carve. A bare bones membership to Zombie Pumpkins costs $2 and will allow you to download and print out two of their patterns.

MMP Mate: If you want something a little more unique then than the image from the original Bride of Frankenstein movie, then you could consider one from a different movie. JP’s Jammin Pumpkins has a pattern of the character from the Rankin-Bass animated movie Mad Monster Party. The actual animated character is based on the appearance of actress Phyllis Diller. JPs also has a $2 minimum membership fee which allows you to download and print out two of their stencils.

Cut-Out Pattern: This is an easier cut-out version of the character from Stoneykins. It is a portrait looking strait on rather than a profile image. It costs one pattern credit to use. You have to buy at least three pattern credits though.

Movie Poster Image: This is a detailed, shaded template of the movie poster.

Bride: A shaded carving stencil of her face.

Gothic: This is a humorous template and twist on the painting American Gothic.

Profile: Another profile image of the Bride of Frankenstein which shows off her iconic hair-do. A membership to Spookmaster is required to download it and costs $5.95. But that gives you access to 300 other stencils as well.

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