Book Review: The Bannon Brothers: Trust by Janet Dailey

by on July 8th, 2010
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The Bannon Brothers: Trust is the newest trilogy by bestselling author, Janet Dailey. This book is the first in the trilogy and tells the story of R. J. Bannon and Erin Randall. Bannon is known by this name and he is a law enforcement officer and Erin Randall is an artist whose past is a difficult one with some surprises thrown in. Bannon is a man on a mission when he makes certain discoveries about the past and the present.

Bannon has been on leave for almost two years after being shot in the line of duty and he feels that he is ready to head back to work, but certain people do not want him coming back. The police chief does not like him on principle for one thing and the way that he is now considered a hero because of how he got shot. Bannon becomes intrigued by a cold case when he arrives at his police precinct, since the case is being considered being sent to the archives. Also intriguing is that the reward money that had been issued many years before is going to be recalled due to the fact of the time it was allotted. This case involves a three year old child of millionaire parents who was kidnapped and no trace was ever found. The parents were heartbroken and despite everything, they eventually divorced and went their separate ways.

Erin Randall is an artist who does amazing work and is actually doing an art exhibit when Bannon meets her for the first time. He discovers that Erin is a young woman with a troubled past and lives by herself. As he gets to know her, he discovers some very disturbing things that make him believe that she is the long lost daughter of the millionaire family. As he continues his investigation, trouble and danger loom at every turn. Someone does not want Erin to surface and is apparently willing to do whatever it takes to keep her hidden, even if it means her death. Will Bannon be able to protect her? Is Erin the daughter that was kidnapped many years before? And as time goes on, will Bannon find love with Erin?

I enjoyed reading this book since it has been a while since Janet Dailey has written a book that I actually liked. I loved her Calder series and enjoyed reading about the Calder family. She has written numerous books before and after the series, I was glad to discover that she had written a new series. It looks like Janet Dailey is back and this series looks to be a winner. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

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