Black Friday Continues to Attack America’s Morality

by on September 13th, 2010
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Do you know what I didn’t see this Thanksgiving? I didn’t see too many people giving thanks for the good in their lives. What I saw on the news was the mad dashes for new TV’s, People crying with joy to have gotten the last of the coolest new video game and people even pepper spraying each other for deals on stuff. All the same stuff they will care less about come the next electronic Black Friday hunting season. Not only do people forget what the holidays are about, they do just the opposite to get their newest toys. It is sad when in America we will throw down an old lady to be trampled so we can get a new blue ray player. Are we really so sad that we must turn getting our Play station 3 into a contact sport? Where is the good in people or have the holidays become just a mad dash to spend what little money we have on items built in China.

Where were the heart warming stories about humanity and caring, where were those “move that bus” moments? All I saw was groups of mindless consumers shoving all decency aside for their next electronic fix. Plus in a move that tops all corporate greed some retailers opened on Thanksgiving. First of all I will refuse to shop at those companies now because if they think that little about their employees rights to spend that holiday with their families than I choose to keep my money from their cold, greed filled hearts. But they have done it, they have convinced millions of Americans that they must go out and spend every dime they have because “the deals are just too good”. Are deals really deals if you can’t afford them or would have bought them before? It doesn’t matter because if you had 5 TV’s in 3 rooms you would just have to spend that $200 you have because it’s just such great deal.

Don’t you remember when large businesses were close for major holidays like the 4th of July, Memorial Day or even Presidents Day out of respect of the holiday? Now most major corporations are only close Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas and they are working their way into your Thanksgiving. It’s sad. Those poor employees that now must work those holidays so we can throw all dignity aside in our quest to be “good Americans” and spend, spend, spend because as we know that’s what the holidays are all about. What great traditions we are passing down to our kids. It’s not the thought that counts but who gets the most soon to be outdated electronics direct from China.

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