America, Were You Listening?

by on February 21st, 2015
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Holy cow! No scrutiny, just blind faith in the President’s plan that is what Obama asked for? Highlight “plan”, with nothing concrete other than a plan and the President omitting one important item. The public has no faith in his ability, his leadership all based upon failed accomplishments, past performances and lack of achievement.

Passing “the bill right away”, also meant – no delay, do not inspect, do not debate, or look into every single matter. The President asked for support of his vision, despite an economy mired in mud, in part due to the administration’s failure to jumpstart the economy in three previous years.

Listening to the President, we heard the explanation ” that it will be all paid for”! Really? Nothing is for free in this world and where will this money come from? Subsequent to the Presidents speech, we learned of the price tag – $447 billion dollars. President Obama seemingly has a blurred vision, since reality is much different .The nation cannot afford any additional spending programs, unless they come from other spending cuts.

In a dubious omen, while the President spoke, thunder and lightning lit up the Capitol. Possibly, the President should explore other avenues, as there is more than a single way, leading to Rome?

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