A Book that Stands Out in 2011

by on October 4th, 2015
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Upon perusing and checking out several bookseller lists from the New York times, to Amazon and U.S.A. today. I was not surprised to discover this book on all the top sellers lists. It has been almost 2 months on several lists and at least a month on others. Not only is it showing it is at thee top of the lists. amazon is actually listing it #1 for their reader.

Can you guess the name? What is this book and author?

Some hints:

The cover of this book is really blue. There is a huge mansion pictured also on this cover. A pretty common River name is part of the title for this read,( But the book in my opinion is not at all common. Pretty fascinating.) After the name of this river comes our protagonist in the story’s part played in bigger letters beneath number 3. This is a work of fiction. ( a- novel-also printed on cover) The author was born in the state of Wisconsin The book came out in May of this year.

If you were not able to guess the book by the clues I gave you may not have read this wonderful story. Which I had a very hard time laying down to get anything else done.: “The Mill River RECLUSE “

The books setting is in the state of Vermont. As mentioned the protagonist is part of the name of the book. Here we have an elderly recluse who has secluded herself this way for almost 60 years because of an agoraphobia type state of anxiety brought on by rape when young. she was also abused by her wealthy husband. The plot of the story moves back and forth between the past and the present story of the main character’s life. You come to understand the many factors that shaped her life into becoming a recluse which the people in the town know little about. As with any story you read and probably really does happen, There is much talk and wonder about the mysterious old woman that lives in the mansion up on the hill. The beginning of the book shows this with an introduction to 2 of the characters- policemen- in the book as they talk about Mrs Mcallister, one has seen her and turns out to be on the bad side of the law. I do not want to give away to much and give you spoilers.

Mary’s best friend is a priest that harbors a secret that she knows about and keeps. Mary has a secret herself that will finally comes out will change all the characters lives.

Some Characters in book :

Mary Mcallister- The protagonist Father Micheal- Mary’s confidant and best friend. Daisy-described as “round little woman” brings humor to story. Kyle-policeman Claudia Simon-teacher of 4th grade.

Review ( all below are taken from Amazon. com/ books/ The Mill River Recluse.)
“Chan’s sweet novel displays her talent.” ~ Kirkus Reviews

“…a real page-turner.” ~ IndieReader.com

Now a New York Times and USA Today bestseller!

The Mill river recluse contains mystery, romance, the value of friendship, love from the most expected places and overcoming of tragedy. I highly recommend this book.

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