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Will ibuprofen relieve menstrual cramps

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A:Yes, Ibuprofen should help relieve menstrual cramping. It works by stopping the body from making prostagladins, which can help in the relief of cramps. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/will-ibuprofen-relieve-menstrual-cramps ]
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Will ibuprofen relieve menstrual cramps
Yes, Ibuprofen should help relieve menstrual cramping. It works by stopping the body from making prostagladins, which can help in the relief of cramps.
How long does it typically take Ibuprofen to stop menstrual cramp...?
The bottle I have says 30 minutes, but for me it usually takes about 10-15 minutes.
How much Ibuprofen for menstrual cramps?
The recommended dose for Ibuprofen is not to exceed 2400 mg in a day. So if you are taking 800 mg more than 3 times a day it is highly not recommended as it can not only irritate your stomach lining but also cause bleeding. My own personal ...

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Intense menstrual cramps-relief?
Q: Every month my menstrual cramps are so incredibly intense that I can't hold food down, I can't walk, they knock the breath out of me. I have to miss school, work, what ever activities I have planned for the first couple of days of my period. I don't know what to do- I take ibuprofen, I take TUMS, I drink tea, I do exercises, nothing works, and no one will take me to the doctor. Any one have any suggestions as to what this could be, what I can do to relieve the pain, and what I should do?OKAY I've already tried pain relievers- Midol, Advil, etc. and they don't work.
A: No, none of those other answers are correct. The best mentrual cramp medication over-the-counter is Naprosyn (naproxyn), also known as Aleve (OTC). It does not require a prescription, its not a narcotic so there is no addiction risk and is twice as strong and lasts longer than motrin/ibuprofen. Tylenol and Midol are useless, so is a hot water bottle, hot showers and exercise for really serious mentrual pain. I've been reading crazy ideas like bananas, potassium supplimentation and beer, lol.Take 1-2 tablets every 6-12 hours with at least 1 glass of water and some food. Do not take aspirin, motrin/ibuprofen or anything containing those products as it will increase the risk of bleeding ulcers and peptic ulcer disease.Naprosyn is the OTC drug of choice for menstrual cramps. You can also check with your doctor about a special birth control pill protocol that allows only 4 periods a year. It's not perfect but 4 is better than 12, right? lolHope this helps - go buy some Aleve and follow my instructions.Dr. Devi
Is it okay to take Midol (ibuprofen) while on the birth control pill?
Q: I just started Ortho-Tricyclin (Lo) today. I have really bad menstrual cramps, which I'm hoping the pill will help relieve some of the pain. I understand it may take a few months before I notice any changes. Today I'm still in a lot of pain... and I was wondering if it was okay to take ibuprofen while on the pill?
A: absolutely...
menstrual cramp relief-help?
Q: the very first day of my period, i get severe cramping. the kind in which i call cringing cramp pain. there is a difference with regular cramping and that first day of feeling the cringing cramping, trust me. well i usually have work in a few hours after these severe cramping comes upon me. is there something that will actually relieve that sever cramping. i mean day 2 is a walk in the park compare to day 1, my goodness. so i dont know about midol...i usually take tylenol extra strength, or tylenol 8-hour. and it always takes 3 HOURS to kick in. then 6 hours later i'm back in pain. i gotta go to work and not let this bother me so what is the best thing to take to alleviate, or relieve that first day of cringing cramp pain? i dont want to take anything with ibuprofen, i dont like the stomach bleeding warnings from on the back....personal reasons. does midol take the cramps away? what about pamprin? help please....
A: Pamprin works WONDERS!Also, heating pads really help!

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