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Why would I have a heart beat in my stomach

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A:The pulsing in the abdominal area needs to be evaluated for a possible abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA). [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-would-i-have-a-heart-beat-in-my-stomach ]
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Why would I have a heart beat in my stomach
The pulsing in the abdominal area needs to be evaluated for a possible abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA).
Is it normal to feel a heartbeat in your stomach?
I wondered the same thing myself when I was pregnant and I found out it was actually my own heartbeat I was hearing. I thought that was strange because it was coming from my tummy but its referred noise from your heart and causes a echo in ...
Why Can I Feel My Heartbeat in My Stomach?
・ The abdominal aorta is the primary artery that carries blood from your heart to your head and extremities... ・ You can feel the pulse of the abdominal aorta, what feels like a heartbeat, by pressing into your stomach... ・ A heavy pulsatin...

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why do i feel my heart beating in my stomach?..?
Q: could i be pregnant? this is what happened; i do realize im stressing abotu this way to much. because im scared ima be pregnant.okay last friday [not this ffriday] ; my boyfriend & i had a makeout session,just with the rubbing,nothing like "having sex" or "making love" were not planning on doing that till a longgg way passes by. so anyways,i was rubbing him,and i felt something wet on his shorts,it wasnt that MUCH of a thing idk if it was precum or not [he's not circumcised] it was just something damp. but anyways, he left and then after he left which was probably 20 minutes later i masturbated [nothing with the fingering] just clitoral stimulation,and that was it,i know that it was my fault because i didn't wash my hands. but is it possible? please help me. it's been now like a week,would i feel the symptoms ? im stressing about this wayyy to much,and i think thats why my stomach feels all gassy,and it hurts sometimes. someone please give me advice, could i actually be pregnant?why do many people say yea i could be? :(what's the stomach pains due to? stress?BUT WHATS THE HEART BEATING IN MY STOMACH FOR?
A: Hey girl dont worry your 100 percent not pregnt. Feeling a heart beat in your stomach is normal, i promise. Sometimes you feel it and other times you dont. When I lie down I can actually see my heart beat in my stomac. As for the sperm it was dead after hitting the air.. And yea you are stressing way too much. Being gassy and it hurting a little is just nervs cramps and all that. Girls have more random stomac pains than men. Your 100%fine and i hope after reading this you dont think about it anymore.. even tho you will bc thats what us girls do.. we worry .. lol =)
Why does my stomach hurt when I smoke pot, and did I have a heart attack?
Q: Okay so I have been smoking pot since new years. Around the begging of February I started smoking every single day since then. Sometime in January I started back up with my bulimia. About the middle of February I started throwing up every single time after I ate. About a month later no matter what I did and how hard I tried I could not throw up anymore, I had to slow it down and only do it a couple times a week in order to get my gag reflexes back. So I decided to just not eat. At the end of May I stopped everything all together except for smoking pot. In about the begging of May my stomach started to hurt really bad when I would smoke. Now I cant smoke with out that stomach ache and it hurts so bad that im going to quit for a while. My stomach feels like its full of air and then it feels like something is pushing on my heart and it starts to hurt a little. Yesterday my heart was beating really fast and it was hard to breath and I felt shaky. I smoked three times today, the last time was about 10 mins ago. About 2 mins after I smoked I started to feel weird and my heart slowed down so much, my upper left arm is hurting really bad, my chest feels heavy, and its hard to breath. It kind of feels as if my throat was clossing up. Most of the pain is in the left side of my chest. I have only the throat clossing up feeling one time before. I am worried I may have an ulcer and that is why I have stomach pains, I am also even more worried that I may be having a small heart attack right now because of the pain in my chest. It doesnt hurt as bad as it did about 10 mins ago. My dad had really awfull heart problems from long term druge use. My dad was clean off of meth for about 2 years when he died of a heart attack, they said his heart was damaged so much from meth use that it just gave out and he died in sleep. This happened January of 08. Now im worried to go to bed. Also everytime after I smoke my stomach right under my left breast gets so so so swollen and huge. Why? Now my upper right arm is starting to hurt. Why? Please try and give lots of detail. I also snorted 3 baclofen about 5 hours ago, could that be doing anything? What should I do? Also dont give me lectures I have heard it all before.Also I know that smoking pot can not cause you to have a heart attack but if you have a pre existing heart condition it can cause you to have one.And also my grandpa was an alcoholic and like my dad he too died of a heart attack.
A: Hey, marijuana can be both good and bad for the stomach, depending on what you're talking about. But acid reflux and stomach pains can be symptoms of something called gastroparesis. I'm not saying it's a certain causal connection, but some docs think there is because pot relaxes the stomach muscles and slows motility. In gastroparesis, motility slows down, so something like pot that slows stomach mobility can cause gastroparesis. With gastroparesis, the stomach slows down, food doesn't move quickly enough through the stomach, you get high stomach acidity, nausea, acid reflux, sometimes vomiting, etc.
what would make my heart feel like this?
Q: ok. let me get this all out. I took a alka selzer before i went to bed because a cold and a flu. i went to bed and when i woke up i had 2 wake n bake. (LOL) i also get adderall perscribed. i took my adderall in the morning, with the alka selzer still in my stomach and blazed. my heart was beating incredibly fast i thought i was going to die. my heart would slow down then speed up then feel like it was flopping around in my body. and the pain i had was undescribable. and i was having bad anxziety attack because i thought i was going to die with having all this in my body at once. so i went to the emerangy room a day later because it still hurt and we took a ekg test and they said everything looked good. but this still doesnt explain my heart to be hurting the last 2 days? i no its not the weed because im not high anymore and theres no reason for it to be beating fast then slow then really hard. i got really freaked out it was making me more sick. but anyways im going to take a little break from weed just so my heart can get back to normal before i smoke and make the heart rate to rise. but if someone can tell me why my heart felt like how i explained id appriciate it.
A: they probably run blood tests when u were in the er , if they didn't find any thing calm down ,it was the weed the pills , u just had a bad trip if u sill in pain go to the er. make a doctors appointment .

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