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Why is the menstrual cycle so important

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A:Health experts define menstrual cycle as critical indicator of women's overall health. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-is-the-menstrual-cycle-so-important ]
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Why is a regulated menstrual cycle so important?
In Oriental Medicine, the menstrual cycle is seen as a direct indication of how the body is functioning. When the body is in disharmony, the cycle may be early, late, light, or heavy. By regulating the menstrual cycle, the health of the ent...
Why is it important for females to have their menstrual cycle??
Im sure there are other reasons also but I am aware of the main reason, When women have their menstrual cycle it is our natural way of flushing out the old cutchi! keeps us fresh inside, though some say your period is gross it actually keep...
What's the two most important days of the menstrual cycle??
For fertility, the day of rupture of egg and the next day are the two important days for sex or in insemination.

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Why does one have to take pill on the first day of menstrual cycle?
Q: I would be very thankful if someone explained me why it is so important to take a contraceptive pill on the first day of one's menstrual cycle. I understand it prevents ovulation but why could one not start taking them, say, on the 9th day. If ovulation occurs before that, would condom avoid pregnancy during those days and pill start having some function a few days later? Feel free to explain in biologic terms :) Thanks a lot in advance!
A: Birth control pills work with your body's natural cycle of progesterone and estrogen. It is a change in these hormone levels that triggers ovulation, so you need to have your pills matched up with your actual cycle for them to be effective. Your body will make small adjusts with the addition of the pill, but you do need to start it near the beginning of your cycle. I have always started taking a new month of pills on the Sunday after my period started, in order to sync it up to have period free weekends. This is why they tell you that you will not be protected in your first month, as your levels may not be exactly right to prevent ovulation, but by the second month, all should be working according to plan.
Why can you only wear a tampons during your period?
Q: Is says "only wear tampons during your menstrual cycle" on the box of tampons. does anyone know why this is so important??
A: Why else would you wear it??
Girls, Mothers. I need some advice or tutor(menstrual cycle) . Please It Urgent!?
Q: First of all, i am a boy. I not a freak. A friend of mine..is a girl. We gonna start our camping tomorrow. At first, she keep saying she didn't want to go to camp because of unclear reason(she didn't mention it clearly). And i finally understand why she didn't want to go at first. It because of her menstrual cycle. Because of don't want let me down, she promise me that she will go camping with me.Now i feel so sorry. I know When the menstrual cycle arrived, she will be in extreme pain.Can anyone tell me how to make her feel better when the menstrual cycle came? PLease PLease. She is someone very important to me. Please.I just want know what can i do to help her feel better.Thk sara. I try if i could find it in pharmacy.I hope it isn't too late for me to help her now.Thk again. I will go right now...A bottle of hot water?I could but it will be a bottle of cold water when she needed it...I go to pharmacy right now!!Don't wry, i will listen to whatever she said...I do it ever since i know her...It like 10 years already.Haha, so it won't be a major problem for me.
A: Awww... Ok, so give her and Advil or Tylenol because she is going to have cramps. Also, a hot water bottle or a hot bath will help. She is going to be VERY sensitive (physically and mentally) so you have to be extra carefully and respect full. Make sure you don't do anything too extreme. Oh, we girls when we are on our period, we eat A LOT more than usual, soo... yeah.Good Luck! Don't worry, your not a freak. Your a very sweet guy for caring about her!Good Luck

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