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Why does your menstrual cycle change

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A:A woman's menstrual cycle may be long, short, ... The length of a woman's cycle may change a little or a lot from month to month. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-your-menstrual-cycle-change ]
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What uterine tissue undergoes dramatic changes during the menstru...?
The endometrium is the inner membrane of the mammalian uterus that undergoes changes according to the stage in the mentrual cycle.
How to Change Your Menstrual Cycle
・ 1 See your doctor. If you are not currently on birth control pills. You will need a complete well-woman... ・ 2 Purchase the prescription. ・ 3 Read the instructions. Normally you would take your birth control pills for a certain number of ...
What causes a menstrual cycle to change?
as we girls get older we mature in a different rate to other girls how muich we maybe the same age it nothing to worry about if you are still worried ask your mum to re-assure you she will explain it far better than anyone who hasnt had a p...

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Can diet and exercise mess with your menstrual cycle?
Q: I have always gotten my period toward the end of the month. (20th-25th) I have still yet to have mine this month.It's only a couple of days late, But i have just started working-out (for almost a week now) and i cut out fast food/sweets/soda. Can that effect it? I am sexually active with my husband, thats why i ask. If the change does mess with it, im debating on whether or not i should take a pregnancy test.
A: It can affect it particularly if it is very different to what your body is used to, and if your cutting out a lot it can affect your menstrual cycle; I find that if I'm doing lots of exercise and eating little it can make it late. Also, weirdly, sometimes when I am on holiday or in weird new places, my period can start, stop and then come back on when I come back home...weird! But yeah, if it doesnt come for another couple of days probably best to get a pregnancy test just incase, even the most careful can mess up, but yeah, probably best to put your mind atrest. In the meantime, maybe tone down (scuse the pun) your workout and diet a little as it might have put a strain on your body.
menstrual cycle changing if b/f has sex with someone else?
Q: hi,i've heard a couple unusual things regarding women's menstrual cycles and i was wondering if anyone knows any about facts about them...1. women who live or work closely together tend to have their periods at the same time...i've noticed this as well as other colleagues. i'm thinking it could be related to similiar life patterns [similar lunch hours, diet, stress levels]...is this true for anyone else? and do you know why?2. is is true that if your partner has sex with someone else and then has sex with you that your menstrual cycle can change?3. is it also true that if the female partner has sex with someone else and then returns to sex with her regular partner that her cycle changes as well?thanks for helping to clear that up...
A: The first one is true, but I don't know about the second two. But females who live and / or work closely together do tend to have periods at the same time. I would assume this goes back to caveman days to women were all fertile at the same time ...As far as the second two, that sounds really far fetched... and I don't see how there could be any scientific backing...
Do menstrual cycle and the seasons affect your mood? read details?
Q: Why some women report mood changes linked to their monthly menstrual cycles.? Is it true that women who have premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), have severe depression symptoms. and do they generally feel somewhat better in the summer, and worse in the winter,"? How are these monthly mood changes -- mild or severe -- affected by seasonal weather and activities? When should you talk to a doctor and seek treatment for depression?You Don't Have to Live With Depression "
A: Much depends on the biological clock of the women. There exist superstitions around these issues and many women have traumatic menstruation. When they do it could be biological physiological or both. Many women feel '" dirty when menstruating, and this myth is reinforced by various religious orthodoxies including.Jewish Orthodox women, who hae to bathe in a Mikvah, a ritual purifying bath, Its male chauvinism that creates these myths. The fact is that many women feel more positive, in terms of menstruation, because many find it more pleasing. On the other hand ovulation is the polar opposite of menstruation,so when a woman does not want to become pregnant, that is the most favored period. Further research should also be done between the the possible correlation,between the phases of the moon, pregnancy and child birth

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