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Why do I have so much menstrual discharge

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A:The menstrual cycle is not the same for every woman. Some causes of heavy periods include: stress, change in diet, illness, MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-i-have-so-much-menstrual-discharge ]
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Why do I have so much menstrual discharge
The menstrual cycle is not the same for every woman. Some causes of heavy periods include: stress, change in diet, illness, MORE?
Is it normal to have so much menstrual discharge?
its normal as long as its clear to a creamy white, no matter how much it comes. and if your period is about to start its ok

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do decrease in vaginal discharge means that u cannot be pregnant?
Q: im worryng if im pregnant or not, ihad unprotected sex june2,.im having nausea, dizziness and a lot of belching after 3 days(june5) until june8, but the feeling ended when we went on a family outing, but it again became present last june10, but it lessen, im thinking of it(pregnancy) too much.,is it possible that im just freaking out so much, that is why i developed that feeling? i also read that, my symptoms were also close to dyspepsia symptoms,which can also be developed because of anxiety, or am i just having my impending period? it is due till 16th of june, now june12, im feeling less sick,.my discharge in this menstrual cycle is less than my usual, usually i have lots of them, i always feels wet but now im having less. it even stop yesterday june11 can someone please help me interpret the signs? thank you very much, you'll be of so much help. i need serious answers pls.
A: Well somtimes symptoms come and go that's how mine have been.And also in December i wanted to get pregnant so bad i actually did make myself have the symptoms and had a negative pregnancy test.I am proud to say im currently 10 weeks and 4 days pregnant.You may still be pregnant but it just seems so soon for you to be having symptoms.Calm down and take a deep breath because whatever is meant to be will be.
What kind of discharge was this what does it mean? wanting more answers?
Q: hey all i have a 34 - 40 day cycle. average is 34 days longest was last month which was 40 days. anyways, my last menstrual was august 7 - 13th. spotted 9 - 11th with my period then light and gone on the 13th. i started having this odd discharge on august 26- 28th. it was like spotting wipe once then gone the next. i had major cramps on the 31st. so strong that i thought i was going to start my period. went and looked and had this discharge again. it is like when you have apple juice. it was the color of that. i had drank some apple juice but quit cause i thought it caused it and i still got the discharge. what was the discharge about and why did i get it? we bd on cd 10,13,16 - 18 ovulation time, 25, 27. (august 16,19,22-24 ovulated on the 23rd by OPK.,31, september 2nd.) i now have normal discharge. i was wondering what it meant. thanks so much. no rude answers please.
A: Wow sweetheart, that was a little more information than most of us needed, but I understand your concerns and questions, since I was once in your boat. To answers you question honestly, it really depends on your own body. No two women are alike, not even twins. Sometimes what means pregnancy in one women may just mean your period is coming to another. For the longest time, I was getting odd periods and weird pms symptoms. In fact I still get weird cycles and symptoms, but I just have to buy pregnancy tests in bulk and wait it out. Sometimes your cycles can be random because of getting off of hormone birth control, stress or anixety, even sometimes, you can get pregnant, but miscarry before or right after implantation. A friend of mine was having really weird off the wall cycles with no patter and it turned out that her husbands sperm count was low and that she was getting pregnant and miscarring right away and getting pregnant again and miscarring right away, but thought that it was her having weird cycles. I've been charting myself for about a year now and keeping a journal of all my weird sysmptoms. I'm starting to realise that some months I have your typical symptoms, some months I don't. If at anytime you feel that somthing is wrong, by all means get to the doctor office, but most likely it's nothing.Best of Luck to you, and God Bless!!!
24 weeks pregnant I have a Cerclage,Menstrual cramping and bleeding ?
Q: I am 24 weeks pregnant type 1 diabetic and just a month ago I was told that I had an incompetent cervix,so a cervical cerclage was inserted Dec 31,08 and I was put on bed rest and no sexual intercourse at all.Just 2 weeks ago I went in to labor & delivery because I was experiencing bad cramping and a little spotting.I was told that the baby was fine but I had a Urinary tract infection and a yeast infection so I was given antibiotics.Yesterday I completed my dosage but through last night I had very bad cramping and tightening of my uterus,I could not even sleep!At all!So this morning Feb 3rd I went to pee and I had some gas and when I went to wipe I saw a huge bulge of bright bloody mucus hanging (sorry for being gross).My fiance then rushed me to the hospital.I was put on the monitors the baby's heart rate was fine and the nurse said that she didn't pick up any contractions but there was a lot of irritability and that I was dehydrated.The Doc gave me a vaginal examination,he said that the cerclage stitch was still in place and cervix is still shut.He then did a vaginal ultra sound and said that the baby was very active and the amniotic fluid looks good and uninterrupted.He also took a look at the swab sample he took under the microscope and said there was no trace of amniotic fluids ruling out that my water didn't break and also looked at my urine and found no infections.He told me that I can go home and that I will have more bleeding and a brown discharge for the next 2 weeks because of the exam and irritation to my cervix and to take Tylenol for the pain ,but I'm so scared I feel as if I'm losing a lot of blood to be pregnant.They said that the baby's fine but what about me!? am I hemorrhaging?Do I have a more severe medical problem?Is my baby going to be okay like the doctors claim?Why is there so much blood?Where the hell is it coming from? OmG I'm freaking out!!! ++HELP++
A: Your body can replenish itself pretty well. As long as you are eating well you have nothing to worry about if the doctor said it's ok that you go home. He wouldn't have sent you home if there was a risk of you hemorrhaging...

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