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When does menstrual cramping begin to start

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A:Menstrual cramps typically do not begin until ovulatory menstrual cycles occur, &l menstrual bleeding usually begins before. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-does-menstrual-cramping-begin-to-start ]
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When does menstrual cramping begin to start
Menstrual cramps typically do not begin until ovulatory menstrual cycles occur, &l menstrual bleeding usually begins before.
Why do we get cramps when our menstruation starts?
Explanation During a woman's menstrual cycle, the endometrium thickens in preparation for potential pregnancy. After ovulation, if the ovum is not fertilized and there is no pregnancy, the built-up uterine tissue is thus not needed. Molecul...
How long before your menstrual cycle do you start to have cramps??
well its different for every person so you probably wont get a accurate answer

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How to ease menstrual-like cramping when running?
Q: I've started running again to get back in shape for my softball season next month. Every time I run for about 10 minutes I get terrible menstrual-like cramps that force me to either walk or get off a treadmill completely for 15 minutes or so. When I begin running again, I do not get the cramps. I do crunches daily and wait more than an hour after eating to run. I'm an average weight. What can I do before I run to keep from getting sick???
A: Well. Theres not much you can really do. See you have to run a good 3-5 minutes. Then you need to stretch your body do more sit-up and drink water. So that your heart can pump blood quicker and easier. Then you run for real. Like about 3 miles or a 20 minute contentious jog/run. So that you don't get any cramps. And after you run you need to stretch so your not as soar. I hope you can try this. And I hope it helps.
Menstrual like cramps normal?
Q: I was wondering how many of you had menstrual like cramps before (and even after) you found out you were pregnant... and it turned out normal.I haven't taken a test to confirm a pregnancy. I'm waiting until after I miss AF. AF is due to come on Thursday and I started have menstrual cramps yesterday. I woke up last night with cramps and actually ran to the bathroom thinking I needed a pad right away, but there was nothing. I don't usually have cramps until right when my period starts. (Or what I hate, is when I don't have cramps until I use the restroom and see that AF has arrived.. then the cramps begin lol) Last time this happened was when I found out I was pregnant a few months ago, and it turned into a chemical pregnancy.So, I'm just wondering anyone has good news for me that they cramped and now have a healthy beautiful angel. Just to ease my mind, in case I do end up with a wonder BFP.
A: I have been having cramps for the last week and i took a test and it turned out to be +ive and the next day i want to the doc and was told that pms type cramps are sign of pregnancy implantation . But at the same time i should come after i miss my periods . My periods are dur on 24th of Jan.So best of luck and GB
Why does my stomach hurt and I get cramps during and after sex?
Q: Right when my boyfriend and I start having sex, I get this pain (kind of like menstrual cramps but way worse) all throughout my lower stomach and in my sides. I used to think it was because he was just going too "deep" but I'm beginning to think it could be something else. It starts before he even starts penetrating me. It's so bad it makes me not want to have sex, and I feel the pain even after we are done.Has anyone else experienced this? Is it because of going to deep or could it be something else?
A: maybe he's soo ugly ...

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