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What is the ringing sound that you hear after a loud noise

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A:Some causes of that ringing noise: ear infection, fluid in the ears, aging, ear trauma, and rarely, aneurysm. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-ringing-sound-that-you-hear-after-a-loud-noise ]
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What is the ringing sound that you hear after a loud noise
Some causes of that ringing noise: ear infection, fluid in the ears, aging, ear trauma, and rarely, aneurysm. ChaCha!

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High pitch noise,buzzing/ringing in ear(s) for nearly 2weeks.on antibiotics currently.Help!!!?
Q: Hey im Andrew im 15 years old..and experiencing a problem,Ok here is the situation..2 weeks ago i woke up and felt a little light headed but didnt take much note of it,the day after i had band practice.i play guitar in a band and we practice in a fairly small room with a drum kit and stack amps-we play at stupidly loud sound levels, we then practiced for 4hours. As we packed up to go home i noticed a ringing/buzzing noise in my ear.I didnt take much notice of this and just carried on ignoring it,and came home expecting it to go..Next day i wake up to find the noise is still there,it was starting to bug me quite abit,After a week of this Noise i decided enough was enough and took a journey to my local doctors..I told my local doctor what the situation was and she examined my ear and told me that i have an ear infection,in both ears..She put me on a course of antibiotics and i started the course..5 days on from this i still have the ringing but also have also had to take time of school due to new symptoms i am now experiencing..Symptoms:-Experiencing dizzyness and feeling weak(cant move much)-Hearing is quite muffled.-Feeling a little pressure in my ears..also having trouble yawning-headache and ear pains from time to time-High pitch Buzzing/ringing noise in ear(s)I am now finding it hard to sleep,i mainly only notice this noise when in a quiet surrounding and trying to sleep..I have been looking round for further information and asked around,i just hope its not the dreaded tinnitus i am experiencing or something bad..could it be due to an ear infection or anything else? if so how?Please,someone help cos it is starting to get me worried now and i dont know what to do..If anyone has suffered from a similar problem before or has experienced this and knows what it is/could be..Please message me back.Thank you,much appreciated xguitarist12@hotmail.co.uk
A: It's already been said, but it's important so I thought I'd just emphasize the point...***Go back to the doctor.***What you've described is a classic presentation of worsening ear infections. Severe, untreated inner ear infections can cause permanent damage that result in hearing loss. They can also spread to the mastoid process (part of one of the bones in the skull)... from there, they can actually cause life-threatening infections (eg: bacterial meningitis.)Assuming you're taking your antibiotic as prescribed, the fact that you're getting worse means that the antibiotic isnt working. Could be the wrong med or not high enough a dose.***You NEED to see an MD asap to get a change in your prescription***
Ringing in my ears after a recent club experience.?
Q: Hi everyone, I just have a question about Tinnitus (ringing in the ears). (I apologize for the wall of text)So last Saturday (April 10th, 2010), my friend decided to have a birthday party at this new club. Of course the music was very, very loud, probably the loudest club that I had ever been too, and stupid me, I wasn't wearing any protection.Now, I'm not an avid club goer by any means, I probably go to a club once every year (sometimes every 2) or something, and I've only ever been to one concert in my life (and then I was fairly far away from the speakers), but the setup of the speakers at this club is giving me some concern. The dance floor was basically this narrow strip, with speakers EVERYWHERE, on the ceiling as well. As I said before, this was the loudest club I had ever been too, so loud that my ears began to hurt. At one point I was so close to a set of speakers, that I couldn't even hear what my girlfriend was saying to me (she was yelling at me to get away from the speakers :P).Thank goodness we didn't stay to long on the dance floor (about 30 min) and we left the club soon after. So of course, Tinnitus began, a high pitched frequency with a hint of buzzing. Having gone clubbing before, I knew that this was the result of my ears being punished by loud noises. But it has been four days now, and the high pitched noise has not subsided. Does it usually take this long before any recovery begins? I even took an online hearing test and I was still able to hear all the low frequency sounds (except 10hz) and most of the high frequency sounds (12khz - 21khz), so I'm not sure if I suffered any hearing loss as of yet. I may be over-worrying but I just wanted to know what the chances were of me having permanent Tinnitus? There obviously was improvement the day after the clubbing experience, but after wards, I have not noticed any decrease in the intensity of the ringing. Along with the ringing, I have also noticed some increased pressure sensations (almost like something is in there, filling my ear? not sure, mainly my right, the one my girlfriend yelled in, which was fairly painful) as well as some ear aching and sensitivity to sound.I plan on seeing my GP asap, hoping there is some diagnosable cause to my Tinnitus. One last question, if my Tinnitus is actually recovering, is it supposed to be gradual or would I just notice one day after waking up that the ringing has disappeared? Thank you for reading!
A: Is There a Cure For Ear Ringing?Have you ever heard the saying, 'someone is talking about you when your ears are ringing.' Well, that is fine for those who experience ringing every now and again but for those who experience it on a regular basis may think otherwise. Obviously, that saying is false, but ringing in the ears is not. If it does not go away or does not get better, it is called tinnitus. Tinnitus can be annoying but there is no cure for ear ringing. However, there are some things you can do to reduce the symptoms.Before you start treating ear ringing you will want to find why this is happening. If there is no underlying problem, you can try some techniques at home. Wax build up can be irritating to the eardrum. The wax prevents sound from entering also. Clean your ears everyday after a shower or bath with q-tips or something cottony. Your physician can also remove the excess wax if needed. This is no cure but definitely worth the effort to try.Other treatments to avoid tinnitus are keeping up with your health such as exercise and diet can help with your ears. Exercise seems to key to everything, but by exercising, you will keep the blood flowing through your ears. Keeping alcohol out of your diet or very minimal use will help. In addition, avoiding salty foods and smoking can lower the risk of hearing the ringing in your ears.Tinnitus is more commonly seen in adults than children. Furthermore, some studies show that the vitamin B12 help protects the nerves in the inner ear. Foods containing this vitamin include dairy products, eggs and meat are some that may help this condition but not cure it.There is still research being done on how to treat tinnitus. It is believe they are closer in finding a cure for ears ringing. Some researchers believe that injecting lidocaine in the inner-ear but are unsure of the explanation. This is why it is stated that there is no cure yet. Trying some of the above treatments may help and is less expensive so start with the simple way to cure it first.
How does this sound? (Creative Writing)?
Q: The Witness“There are many more serial killers living outside the prison walls than inside.”- Pat BrownChapter OneThe weather in Boston, Massachusetts, was quite calm for today. The shimmering sun peaked out among the surrounding clouds, like a silver lining within the sky. Patches of stringy green grass began sprouting up in random places, particularly in sidewalk cracks. Ever so often a little dandelion could be seen emerging in the tall grass. The consistent high temperatures welcomed many children and pets outside. Yes, these climate conditions only came about within the beginning of a great season. The beautiful summer season had just entered Massachusetts. *“Ring, ring, ring!”“Ring, ring, ring!”A gray metallic telephone rang continuously with the hopes of someone answering. It stopped for a moment, but then persisted to ring louder and harsher. The only guess was that the owner of that phone was sleeping or in a cross mood, not wanting to speak to anyone. Then suddenly the phone stopped its loud noises, and a voice could be heard.“Darling! You finally awoke! I’ve called this house perhaps five times and now you answer? Eliza, what has become of you?!” The telephone screamed into the eardrum of Eliza Griffin, whom was not yet fully awake. “Well, let’s see, Auntie. I have been a sleep since 2 AM and it’s only 8 AM now. I’ve barely had six hours of sleep! Now, what do you need? I need sleep!” Eliza groggily, angrily responded in the exact same exasperated manner her Aunt Marie spoke. “It’s your birthday, silly! June 15th, remember? Oh come on! You’re fourteen!” The telephone spoke much more happily; maybe a bit fake but she couldn’t help it.“Oh… that. Well, I’ve decided to take the day off. No birthday crap, okay Aunt Marie? Seriously, fourteen is no biggie.” The young teenager whispered quietly, trying not to sound too miserable for her aunt. Her and birthdays never did mix, these days, but it was not always like this.*“Mommy, when will I be a real princess? I want my own tiara and pretty dresses. Please, mommy, please!” Eliza Griffin begged her mother without rest about her fourth birthday. She sought after any hints about her celebration or about what gifts she may be given. “Now Eliza, you know I am not going to tell you anything. I will tell you, however, that your days of being a princess are real close!” Emily Griffin grinned at her young daughter. This was the happiest day of her life, of both of their lives.“Okay, mommy. Okay..” The little toddler sounded depressed but her little soul was jumping with anticipation! Only two days away, thought little Eliza.*Eliza remembered her flashbacks like it was yesterday. It was so close, so attached to the depths of her heart. She had loved birthdays. She had remembered the days when she wished every day to be her birthday, but now this wasn’t so. The telephone continued to ramble, not wanting to be left hanging.“Oh dear don’t be so biased! This is not just your day it’s mine too! Please do not count out another birthday.” The phone begged.“We’ll see, Auntie, we’ll see. Just don’t call before ten AM anymore, kay?” Eliza tried to smile. She tried to sound excited. She tried a lot of things, to be honest, but most were easy to see through. “Alright, sweetheart, alright. “ The voice on the phone sounded defeated, but it died out within seconds.Now Eliza Griffin could embark on the day of June 15th, 2003.Too bad, I don't wanna. :)Thanks for your opinion, though!Could you please point them out for me? I don't see anything gramatically wrong. As for sentence structure, I know it's iffy.I have to turn this in on Tuesday so any help is adored..:)Thanks! :) That's why I did the first paragraph like so.And that starred paragaph, in between *'s is a flashback. It is more noticeable in Word.Thanks. :]You heled a lot..
A: Hmm. I had a quick read, and although it isn't bad, it really needs quite a lot of work.Some general points:Flashbacks are essentially a literary sin. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, I didn't realise the starred area even *was* a flashback until you said so in the additional details. If you can possible find a way to avoid using them, please take it.Your sentence structure needs work to make the story flow. You overuse the dreaded 'statement (comment)' structure where you make a statement, sometimes comment on it, and that's it. For example:"The shimmering sun peaked out among the surrounding clouds..."statement, followed by:"like a silver lining within the sky"comment."Patches of stringy green grass began sprouting up in random places!statement, followed by:"particularly in sidewalk cracks"comment.I could go on, but you get the idea. This structure is boring, especially when you use it lots. Consider trying some longer sentences, a few clauses, and some shorter sentences, where you apply action.Some specific points:"The weather in Boston, Massachusetts, was quite calm for today"Calm for today? Was the weather not calm earlier? Perhaps you mean, 'calmer than usual' etc.Hope that helps, need to rush off now. Good luck!

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