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What is a lung aneurism

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A:A lung aneurysm is likely an aneurysm of the aberrant artery to the lung, which is extremely rare. In fact, there are only three documented cases of it in medical history! ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-lung-aneurism ]
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What Are the Symptoms of a Lung Aneurysm in a Bulldog?
・ A lung aneurysm is a serious matter for bulldog owners, and for those who already see frequent vet bills... ・ There are many causes for lung aneurysms in bulldogs. Most of the dogs that suffer from this disorder... ・ There are many sympto...
Is there an association between chronic lung disease and abdomina...?
Spencer C , Jamrozik K , Kelly S , Bremner P , Norman P .

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Lung aneursym 15 year old?
Q: My friend just found out that her 15 yr old son has a lung aneurism. Can anybody give me information on this. What causes it? What procedures will be taken at the hospital? how serious is it? etc.
A: while it is serious if not found/treated early, it is very likely that he will be fine, and will live a great rest of his life. the hospital will most likely take him into immediate emergency surgery, treat the aneurysm, and then keep him on IV treatment for a couple of days. at least he didn't have an aortic aneurysm - which is much worse since it deals with the heart. I hope that he is okay, and good luck!
What are the risks of surgically-implanted birth control methods?
Q: The reason I'm asking is because I plan on taking the next step with my boyfriend (of four years) and I can't use birth control because I have a long family history of blood clots. However, I think my doctor is taking cues from my mother (I'm seventeen) and is not giving me the information I need. I do intend to wait until I turn eighteen to keep him from being arrested (he's a year older); however, I don't want to wait until we get married - if we do - because we both have agreed to wait six or seven years before getting married, and quite frankly, I want to screw him. Here are the facts:1.) I am fully convinced that I love him (I'm considering this even after traumatizing sexual abuse)2.) Even if we don't get married, I will not regret giving him my virginity, because of fact #1. However, I will regret getting pregnant while in college.3.) There is extensive evidence for the history of blood clots - my grandparents on both sides all died of blood clot-related illness, my father had an aneurism (blood clot in the brain) that almost killed him, my mother and my half-brother brother almost died of blood clots, and my half-sister is currently on machines due to one that went to her lungs.4.) I am going to college soon, which will give me the perfect venue for sexual activity (you know, me not having an annoying overbearing mother standing over my shoulder, living in a dorm, etc...)5.) I intend to use all other methods of birth control - the biorhythm method, condoms, and the pull out method. However, I want to be really careful in case one of us slips up - I've heard about how women have gotten pregnant because of all of these methods, and I want to be safe.6.) Neither of us have STDs - I have gotten extensive testing after the sexual abuse, and my boyfriend is a virgin. I am quite sure of this because I am close friends with his sisters, who know of my intentions, and neither one of them mention him ever bringing another girl home. (Unless he brought one home when he was two.) And he's not the kind of guy to have sex with another girl in a public bathroom, which is the only other venue available - believe me, I've tried. It did not work.7.) Yes, I'm paranoid. Better to be paranoid than to be pregnant.I do realize that surgically-implanted, non-hormonal birth control methods will probably have risks associated with that, but I also realize that I won't be cut open for the one I intend to get (if I ever get my mom off my back, which is doubtful). Are there other risks I need to know about? I've tried asking my doctor, but he won't even talk to me about it - saying that I don't even need to be thinking about sex right now. (One reason why I don't trust him.) Any of you have any information?
A: I don't think there is such a thing as surgically-implanted, non-hormonal birth control methods.
Start of my story - what do you think?
Q: Stiff, frozen grass crunched underneath Finn’s brown carpenter boots. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. It was all I could hear as we walked deeper into the woods behind the tennis courts. Crunch.“Jesus, Finn, your boots are fucking loud.”“Dude, chill.”He passed me the blunt and I chilled. I took a long hit, felt the burn in my throat but held it, then exhaled and watched the smoke spiral away in the dark, mixing with Finn’s puffs of hot air. Funny how they looked so alike. A leaf cracked under my shoe. I could hear it like someone was squeezing it right up against my ear. Whoa.“Let’s stop here,” Finn said and sat down on some old tree stump. I looked around and leaned against a tree, took another hit and passed the blunt back to Finn. I held the smoke in my lungs and felt the weed affect me the way it always does. Damn, was life good or what? When God put marijuana on this earth, he must’ve had this feeling in mind. He must’ve wanted to give kids like me something to live for – college kids like me who were stressed to the point of brain explosion. I imagined what it would look like if my brain exploded on the inside. Would my skull hold all the brains in or would the explosion crack my whole head open? What the hell was an aneurism anyway? Did it have anything to do with brain explosion? Like, was there really such thing?“Dude, what’re you thinking?” Finn said and he giggled. I grinned.“I dunno, nothing really.”“Your face went all…contorted,” he said. I shrugged.“Sorry.”“Whatever. Here, take one last hit.” He passed me what was left of the blunt and I took it. Soon we were walking back in the cold air, our problems suppressed somewhere in our almost-explosive brains while our senses took over. Taste, touch, sound, sight, smell. Everything was so accentuated and alive.
A: This reads like it was written by a stoner. Enough said.

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